L Prakash v. State

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Dr L Prakash v. State

 L Prakash v. State In the High Court of Madras Crl.A. 770/2011 Before Justice S Tamilvanan and Justice C T Selvam Decided on April 24, 2015  Relevancy of the case: Reduction of the sentence in a case involving non-consensual sexual activities, … Read More

Puja Kumari v. State of Bihar

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Puja Kumari v. State of Bihar

Puja Kumari v. State of Bihar In the Patna High Court C.A. (SJ) 57/2015 Before Justice Birendra Kumar Decided on May 29, 2017 Relevancy of the case: Appeal for setting aside conviction in a case involving sexually explicit pictures and … Read More

Is the clock ticking for Tiktok?

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Tiktok banned in India

India as a country has been known for its culture and religious diversity since time immemorial. In the past few years, great concerns regarding obscene and pornographic videos on the Internet have been raised by various groups in society. The … Read More

Is Hosting a Porn Website Legal in India?

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Is hosting a Porn Website Legal in India

Out of hundreds of questions that are asked to us via our Facebook Page, E-Mails,  Helpline and Website on a daily basis, the question whether hosting a porn website is legal in India has been one of the most asked questions … Read More