How we were born

Starting from the basic debate about the Internet being a boon or bane, we set our minds straight about what it actually is. The Internet is a cobweb of thoughts, emotions, expressions, opinions and information which has surmounted us in a way that living without being touched by it is almost inevitable. Well, technically it is so much more but then we’d like to tell you for what it actually means to you. With this limitless expanse of information comes a great threat of Cyber Crime and Cyber aided Crime. To protect oneself, there are so many businesses selling you products. We are a bunch of staunch believers of the fact that these utilities are crucial too but without awareness and sensitization about technology, the risks cannot be mitigated.

We set out to create and promote Cyber Security Awareness among Internet users!

We did it Online!

In December 2014, we started writing about issues that were faced by Internet users in their day to day affairs like Social Media and Internet Banking.


We wrote about it and went on to Social Media Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram and started reaching out to people

We did it Offline!

We started organizing Workshops, talks and other community gatherings at Schools, Colleges, Institutions, Offices and at the basic Village level as well.


We went to people with simple content, spoke to them in languages that they understood and told them about safe internet practices, the law that they need to be aware about and how-to's of their everyday digital life.

Where we are today

It has been a journey that saw a lot of pitfalls and failures. But the core idea of why we started has kept us going so far. We are persistent in our endeavor to educate and make users aware about the Internet, Cyber Security and Cyber Law throughout the country.
Most important of our services today have been highlighted:


We span across the nation and deliver Cyber Security Training and Awareness workshops to students, bankers, techies, lawyers, LEAs and Community Groups


We write about issues and topics that matter a common netizen’s internet life. We try to be precise and to the point and we don’t like to clutter your reading experience with unwanted content.

WhatsApp Service & Helpline

We offer updates on the go via WhatsApp and help to Cyber Crime Victims directly to mitigate and manage effects of Cyber Crime

Research & Advocacy and White Papers

We also offer legal and white papers services to companies, organisations and firms. We are a budding think tank on Cyber Law, Internet Rights and Internet Policy