We’ve been very lucky for being recognized multiple times for our work!

Both our online as well as offline drives have been awarded at National and International levels so far. These are a few of the gestures that help us keep pumped up and at work all the time. We thank everyone who has been associated with us.

Above all

There is this phone call that we received a few days ago. We generally receive a few throughout the day seeking help for a crime, technical or legal. The person over the phone was not the victim but was calling on her behalf. After speaking for over 10 minutes, he got the solution that he was looking for. He thanked us but while doing it he said something which we believe is one of our biggest achievements. He said, “I have no idea who you guys are, you didn’t even ask for my name or address but you provided me the assistance that I have been seeking for days. I really don’t know if you get some benefit out of this but I really hope you do!”
The little satisfaction that we get when we help out somebody is the biggest achievement. We are glad and happy to be among the people in the world who have set out to make a difference in the world and we hope to have your support with us.