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Digital Transactions and Financial Security

This tailored Workshop for audience in India focuses on the challenge of protecting your money from criminals. Be it Internet Banking, Debit Card purchases, Online Shopping frauds or ATM hacks.

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Social Media Crimes and Security

In that age group of 12-35, we've observed that Social Media Crimes are on the high. In Schools, these workshops are specifically asked for because the young often do not understand the kind of risks that Social Media can pose.

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Cyber Crime Awareness for School Students

The way the young use the Internet and technology is both impressive and dangerous. Because most don't have the basic privacy and Cyber Security Awareness, they fall victims to Cyber Bullying, Online Sextortion, Phishing attacks and Identity theft like crimes.

Cyber Security Awareness for College Students

Though there is not a huge difference in the way technology is yet the manner in which students in colleges have been exposed to Cyber Crimes is shocking. Students across the globe have been affected by deadly crimes like Revenge Porn which is the highest in this age group.

Cyber Security Awareness for Companies and Organisations

On the next level, the kind of threats elevate as well. The modes and technology stay the same but attacks are now more evolved like Ransomware and Data Theft. We have an expertise in sensitizing users with corporate and legal responsibilities on the issue of Cyber Security.

Cyber Crime Awareness for Community

The real problem that Cyber Crime Awareness is not reaching the masses is that there is absence of language specific content and most of the delivery is also made in English. We have traveled to a few remote parts of the country and spoken to the real India in the language and manner that they understand.

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