Cyber Blogger of the Year

Nitish ChandanCyber Forensics, Cyber Security, Law

We are happy to share via this post what a few readers might know. On 28th July 2015, we received the award for the Cyber Blogger of the Year 2015 at the National Conference on Cyber Crime Control jointly organized by the Asian School of Cyber Laws, Home Department (Government of Maharashtra), Mumbai Police Cyber Crime Wing and IIT Bombay.

Started in December 2014, we were just a blog. Today with other things that we are doing, we have become the portal that we dreamt of becoming. On behalf of the entire team of The Cyber Blog India, I would like to thank all our readers, WhatsApp subscribers, Social Media followers and people who have attended our workshops.

The event was graced by the presence of the Home Minister of Maharashtra, Dr. Ranjit Patil and it is from him that we received the award. Rachiyta and I received this award on behalf of #TheCBI. Furthermore, the team of bloggers that received this award includes Rachiyta Jain, Arpan Sinha, Ravi Kant and me. Among other things that we are doing right now are a WhatsApp service helpline, Workshops and Surveys. In my experience of working for The Cyber Blog India, I have come to the conclusion that people start mass movements about court cases, food bans and weird challenges. What is needed today in India is a viral and widespread movement about cyber awareness.

Speaking of Digital India and Literacy, we may be able to achieve it in the next couple of years but are we going to look at Awareness, Safe Usage and Cyber Security after that? Why can’t there be a hashtag about cyber awareness that trends and people just don’t talk about safer authentication and passwords but actually implement them? Is it not all in our hands?

Hence, if you are reading this post, we implore you to share and spread the word about cyber awareness in whatever parts of your demographic you can. There is the online India that we see tweeting about #DigitalIndiaMission but there is a bigger chunk still offline that lacks cyber awareness. Moreover, people are using plastic money and falling victim to the most common frauds just because of the lack of awareness. Therefore, if you are aware and smart, there is definitely nothing better, but this knowledge will be of use only if it spreads. Governments, Organizations and individuals, everybody is looking at a crackproof system and it is a fact that nobody has that system yet. Do not say and preach, “Nobody can hack me”. Learn the ethics of Data Keeping and what needs to be online and what not even in the most hidden and private form.

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