India to soon have an Electronic Evidence Examiner

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With Governments notification dated 2nd January 2016 looks like India’s long struggle of proving digital evidence in court will soon come to an end. The notice declares that under Section 79A of IT Act, 2008 which empowers Central Government to appoint an Examiner of electronic evidence, India is soon to get one. As mandated by virtue of Sec. 79A of ITA, … Read More

The E-Raksha Campaign- Join Us

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It is almost going to be 10 months since our inception as an organization and through this post we are happy to share our first collaborative national campaign. Not producing a formal document, I would like to share an account of a very fruitful meeting we had with Lt. Vineet Kumar from The Cyber Peace Foundation and Mr. Vishal Kaushik … Read More

I Surf Secure Websites, Do You??

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Why does a website need security certificate? Attackers often create malicious sites to gather your information. You should always be cautious while entering your information on any website. Security can be ensured by checking that the website content is in encrypted form. Two elements that indicate a site uses encryption are: a closed padlock, located in the status bar at the … Read More

Award at U.P. Mahila Shiksha Suraksha by Hon’ble Chief Minister of U.P.

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Rachiyta Jain, our Co-Founder and Operations Manager came back home after receiving the award at Mumbai with me for the Cyber Bloggers of the Year. Soon after her return she was interviewed by Hindustan, one of the Hindi Daily Newspapers of the country. A couple of days later, she received a call from the zonal representative of the newspaper that … Read More

Cyber Blogger of the Year

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We are happy to share via this post what a few readers might know. On 28th July 2015, we received the award for the Cyber Blogger of the Year 2015 at the National Conference on Cyber Crime Control jointly organized by the Asian School of Cyber Laws, Home Department (Government of Maharashtra), Mumbai Police Cyber Crime Wing and IIT Bombay. … Read More

Bodies Working for Cyber Security: The Cyber Appellate Tribunal

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With cyber crime rate on the roll across India, several organisations; both Government and private are working to help combat it.  Along with the knowledge about these happenings it is quite necessary that one knows where to approach. The Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DeitY) recognizes a few such as Cyber Appellate Tribunal, National Informatics Centre and Indian Computer … Read More

Encrypt Your Emails !!

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We all at some time wish to hide our emails from everybody except from the one we are sending to. In a previous post I explained the concept of PGP. Today I am going to teach you how to use PGP to encrypt your gmail, yahoo etc  e-mails using a browser add-on. Follow these simple steps to do so:- Go … Read More

Pretty Good Privacy

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PGP stands for Pretty Good Privacy. It is an encryption and decryption standard used widely these days. This post will tell you what exactly a PGP is and how it works. In my next post I will tell you how to set up a PGP. PGP is also called hybridcryptography as it makes use of hashing, data compression, symmetric key … Read More

How to become a Cyber Forensics Expert in India?

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How to become a Cyber forensics expert in India? A question many seek answer to, those who are starting out routinely ask about how to start a career in Cyber Forensics. And as per Rob Lee, these individuals vary from completely inexperienced to those with 15 years experience in the Computer Science of Information Security vertical. Here are some questions … Read More