Cyber crime and laws in Norway: An overview

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Cyber crime and laws in Norway

This is my second article in the series covering cyber laws of various countries. Through this series, the objective is to discuss what they are doing to deal with technology-facilitated crimes. The first article covered cyber crime and laws in … Read More

#OpenUp: How, when, and where?

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#OpenUp: How, when, and where?

After the global pandemic hit the world and the nationwide lockdown was imposed, everything came to a standstill. While many of us were involved in spending time with families and learning new skills, a few did not refrain from being … Read More

Mukesh P. Shet v. State of Karnataka

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Mukesh P. Shet v. State of Karnataka 11

Mukesh P. Shet v. State of Karnataka In the High Court of Karnataka Criminal Petition 6048/2011 Before Justice N. Ananda Decided on January 17, 2012 Relevancy of the case: Defamation through email Statutes & Provisions Involved The Information Technology Act, … Read More

Cyber Bullying is real, but here is what you can do

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Cyber Bullying is a plague contaminating the entire Indian Social Media space rapidly. School students, Adults, Professionals and even the elderly have been a victim of Cyber Bullying. Sona Mohapatra, a renowned musician in the Indian music fraternity was publicly … Read More