Where we stand after 15 years of IT Act !!

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17th October 2000 marked the beginning of nothing less than a revolution in Indian cyberspace. It was a birth of new era where IT Law came into existence defining boundaries, powers and governing people’s action online. Today as we complete 15 years of this revolution, let’s take a look at how far we have come. Though the act came into … Read More

I Surf Secure Websites, Do You??

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Why does a website need security certificate? Attackers often create malicious sites to gather your information. You should always be cautious while entering your information on any website. Security can be ensured by checking that the website content is in encrypted form. Two elements that indicate a site uses encryption are: a closed padlock, located in the status bar at the … Read More

Truth behind the Battery and Chip video that’s going viral

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A video has recently gone viral about Samsung’s “secret chip” that breaches your privacy. It allegedly is stuck on the battery and it accesses your private videos and pictures and dumps them on to Samsung Servers. Preachers of this weird wild theory have also brought some other vendors into the limelight by saying that these secret chips upload the data even without … Read More

Bleep: A More Secure Way to Message

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Have you ever wondered your text messages might be at risk? Text messages use server based peer-to-peer messaging technique, which means all your text messages are stored at a server’s database, which can be compromised and your identity can be leaked. Moreover, along with your identity your messages too are at risk.   According to BitTorrent, their new advent, Bleep will … Read More

How to Secure Your Instagram Account

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There might be a very few Android or iOS users who haven’t ever used Instagram. It has over half a billion active users across the globe. Unfortunately, 80% of the users take the security issues related to social networking sites very casually. So here’s why you should be concerned about such risks: Avoid Getting Personal Information Stolen: Your personal information … Read More

USB Type C: one cable for all your needs!

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The faster and smaller USB port is here, which doesn’t only transfer data but charges your laptop and monitors, as well. The new USB connector is ready for the market and the announcement of the new MacBook has elevated its demand. The new type means there’s a lot for smartphones, tabs, and even your PCs from faster data transfer, to quicker charging. … Read More

Six Tips for Windows Security

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Six tips for Windows Security Turn on family safety, turn on the firewall, turn on automatic updates, use a genuine copy of windows and software and use strong passwords (Oh my! like they are so safe). You might just look around on the web for some windows security tips and measures and find all these things written. It is important to … Read More

Cyber Security Threats in 2015 – The Indian Story

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Cyber Security Threats in 2015 – The Indian Story There is a lot of buzz about what is going to happen in the year 2015 in the cyberspace. As far as technology goes, we are definitely hitting the cloud big time, newer credit card technologies, better encryption, new backends and more secure systems. And when we talk about crime there’s a … Read More

Minimum Age to Use Social Networks in India

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Minimum Age to Use Social Networks in India Inspiration for this work comes from the nation’s one of of the best cyber crime experts and guide, Mr. Rakshit Tandon. It was actually under his guidance that the original excerpt of this post was written. He is by far one of the most popular faces of cyber awareness and the fight … Read More