Avoid Unwanted Ad-Injectors On Chrome

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While browsing you might have come across something like this, and would’ve felt like banging your head against the wall.   Well, this is a result of ad-injectors. Advertisements, as a result of ad-injectors, are inserted almost everywhere on a webpage, making it difficult to browse through without clicking on them. Google claims to have received more than whopping 100,000 … Read More

Your Google Search History !

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Does deleting your browser history give you a sigh of relief? Think again. Google maintains a track of all your history since your first search.  This does make almost everybody think twice because at some point or the other we all have searched about stuff we don’t want anybody to know. With these few steps you can clear all your … Read More

How to set up Google Authenticator for Facebook and Gmail

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Today you can find more threats online than you’d ever find in the real world, and the most common yet daunting one’s the fear of getting your Facebook account hacked. Two-factor authentication is one of the best things you can do to make sure your accounts don’t get hacked. Google Authenticator is one such handy two-factor authentication tool that can … Read More

Social Media : Illegal behind Legal ??

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Social Media : Illegal behind Legal ?? We all are a bunch of lazy lads. The truth is installing a software is a sequence of click on the “continue”, “I accept” and “Install” button. Likewise we are so restless while registering for an app or so, we never take the pains of reading what are we actually accepting to by … Read More

Right to be forgotten: Origin and Indian scenario

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Right to be forgotten: Origin and Indian scenario As promised in a previous post, this post is all about “the right to be forgotten.” The question which first pops up our head is when and where did this first originate? We all wish to be remembered for our work and noble deeds. In our own ways we try to achieve … Read More

Google Privacy Policy – Nuance between Good and Bad

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Google Privacy Policy – Nuance between Good and Bad In our everyday life it bemuses us if someone knows our name while we don’t know a thing about them.  Ever wondered how it would be like if someone just knocked up at your door one day and goes on telling your name, address (obviously that’s where he is standing), work … Read More