Big Tech, Politics, and Scandals

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Big Tech, Politics, and Scandals

When Christopher Wylie was in his mid-teens, he expressed hopes of becoming a statesman. If not, he assumed he would be another small merchant resorting to Machiavellian methods to sell petty goods. A decade later, he finds a place in the list … Read More

Tata Sky Ltd. v. YouTube LLC

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Tata Sky Ltd. v. YouTube LLC

 Tata Sky Ltd. v. YouTube LLC In the High Court of Delhi CS (COMM) 223/2016 Before Justice S. Muralidhar Decided on August 10, 2016 Relevancy of the case: Removal of offensive URLs from YouTube. Statutes and Provisions Involved The Information … Read More

Right to be forgotten surfaces in India

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The Right to be forgotten as the name suggests is a right that enables people to have something about them be forgotten. Alternatively, to be removed from the public domain. There could so much information about you on the Internet. … Read More

Replace OTPs with USB Security key

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Two factor authentication provides an extra layer of security to your account. It provides a method of combining two different kinds of login approaches to add some extra security, but that’s not enough. 2FA is stronger than password based authentication, … Read More