Sabu Mathew George v. Union of India

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Sabu Mathew George v. Union of India

Sabu Mathew George v. Union of India In the Supreme Court of India WP(C) 341/2018 Before Justice Dipak Misra & Justice Prafulla C. Pant Decided on May 12, 2015 Relevancy of the case: Blocking advertisements related to preconception and prenatal determination of sex on search engines Statutes & Provisions Involved The Information Technology Act, 2000 (Section 69A) The Pre-Conception and … Read More

Right to be forgotten surfaces in India

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The Right to be forgotten as the name suggests is a right that enables people to have something about them be forgotten. Alternatively, to be removed from the public domain. There could so much information about you on the Internet. Not all of it of course you would love. But this right would not mean that you are going to … Read More

How to get Revenge Porn videos removed?

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This post about Revenge Porn is based on the queries that we receive from numerous people across the country. And honestly, we did not have a clear answer  about revenge porn removal until we did some digging. First of all, revenge porn is a growing menace on all Social Media platforms and even the websites that serve porn videos. For … Read More

Russia blocks LinkedIn app : Can India make such a move?

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russia blocks linkedin

You would be shocked to know that Russia requested Apple and Google to remove the LinkedIn app from their respective app stores. As reported by The New York Times a few months ago, a Russian court had ordered to block the networking portal. This was owing to the fact that LinkedIn was breaching the Russian Data Protection rules. The lawmakers in … Read More

Hummingbad Malware: Have you heard of it?

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According to the Kaspersky labs, there are 315,000 new viruses being created daily. Adding to this figure, in February this year, researchers from CheckPoint software technologies identified a new malware and named it as the Hummingbad Malware. It is an adware, that establishes a persistent rootkit on android devices, generates fraudulent ad revenue and installs additional fraudulent apps. A persistent rootkit … Read More

UwS: What is it & How does it get on my Computer?

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UwS (pronounced as “ooze”) is an unwanted software, which according to Google’s defining list of characteristics has the following properties: It deceivingly promises something which it never meets. It tricks the user to install itself, or some other program. It hides its principal motive under some other functions. It unexpectedly modifies the user’s system. It is very difficult to remove. … Read More

Website Compromised? Here Are Some Steps You Must Follow.

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Crores of websites in India were hacked and put down last year. Lakhs of websites are blacklisted by search engines every week. Thousands of them get permanently banned. You must have come across the warning – “This site may harm your computer.” This is what happens when a site gets blacklisted, and this affects the number of visits on the site. Thus, you … Read More

Replace OTPs with USB Security key

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Two factor authentication provides an extra layer of security to your account. It provides a method of combining two different kinds of login approaches to add some extra security, but that’s not enough. 2FA is stronger than password based authentication, but it is prone to phishing attacks. An account that has a very strong password, and is secured with a … Read More

reCAPTCHA: Easy on Humans, Tough on Bots

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Did you ever come across such a thing before: You must be wondering how will this thing decide you’re a robot or not? You just have to click, and a bot can easily click, right? Well, here’s the answer. CAPTCHAs have long relied on the inability of bots to solve distorted text. But according to Google, The primitive CAPTCHA can … Read More

Protect Chrome from killing your computer’s RAM

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If you are among the geeky ones, I’m sure you’ve tried to look at the processes in the task manager that eat up your CPU and Memory. And if you haven’t it is a good trick to identify the horrid applications when your computer starts slowing down. Try killing the process that is eating up a lot of memory and it … Read More