Nirmaljit Singh Narula v. Indijobs

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Nirmaljit Singh Narula v. Indijobs

Nirmaljit Singh Narula v. Indijobs at & Ors In the Delhi High Court CS (OS) No. 871/2012 Before Justice Manmohan Singh Decided on March 30, 2012 Relevancy: Removal of defamatory content against Nirmal Baba and reading Sec 79 IT Act with Sec 151 CPC. Statutes & Provisions Involved • The Information Technology Act, 2000 (Section 2, 69, 79) • … Read More

Dewsoft Overseas Private Limited v. Commissioner of Service Tax, New Delhi

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Dewsoft Overseas Private Limited v. Commissioner of Service Tax, New Delhi

Dewsoft Overseas Private Limited v. Commissioner of Service Tax, New Delhi 2008 IndLaw CESTAT 1661 In the Customs Excise And Service Tax Appellate Tribunal Case Number: Final Order No. St/218/2008-(Pb), In Appeal No. St/235/2006 Before Rakesh Kumar (Technical Member) and S.S. Kang (Vice President) Decided on August 25, 2008 Relevancy: Whether providing online computer course is “commercial training or coaching?” … Read More

How to get Revenge Porn videos removed?

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This post about Revenge Porn is based on the queries that we receive from numerous people across the country. And honestly, we did not have a clear answer  about revenge porn removal until we did some digging. First of all, revenge porn is a growing menace on all Social Media platforms and even the websites that serve porn videos. For … Read More

Cyber Bullying is real, but here is what you can do

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Cyber Bullying is a plague contaminating the entire Indian Social Media space rapidly. School students, Adults, Professionals and even the elderly have been a victim of Cyber Bullying. Sona Mohapatra, a renowned musician in the Indian music fraternity was publicly Cyber Bullied by fans of the actor, Salman Khan for days, after her tweet  about his latest controversy went viral. Personally, … Read More

How to Check if your Child is being Cyber Bullied?

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The use of Internet among people is increasing day by day specially, the younger generation. They are using it for just about everything (studying, shopping, banking, social interaction, finding jobs, earning money) but few use it for committing cyber crime too. Cyber bullying is one of those crimes. What is Cyber Bullying? The use of electronic communication to bully a … Read More

All You Need To Know About Credit Card Fraud

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Do you like to shop often with your credit cards? Or do you swipe your card at fuel stations? If the answer is “yes,” then you might be prone to credit card fraud. Credit card frauds are the scams committed using others’ card in a fraudulent way. It is the case where one’s card is used without their knowledge or authorization to … Read More

UwS: What is it & How does it get on my Computer?

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UwS (pronounced as “ooze”) is an unwanted software, which according to Google’s defining list of characteristics has the following properties: It deceivingly promises something which it never meets. It tricks the user to install itself, or some other program. It hides its principal motive under some other functions. It unexpectedly modifies the user’s system. It is very difficult to remove. … Read More

Digital India Myths: Online Shopping

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Online shopping is the latest trend these days. With inumerous  e-commerce websites coming up every other day it has become an addiction.  However there are several misconceptions camouflaged behind the comfort and the dangerous place as it still seems to many. To begin with, the most common mis-belief  is that  online shopping helps me “save a lot of time”.  Studies … Read More

Digital India Myths: Antivirus

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As long as we are connected to the Internet, we are surrounded by viruses. The fact that viruses exist and keep on infecting the computers is that they have not been entirely figured out yet, by anyone. In fact, it is pretty amusing that a lot of people believe in many myths and misconceptions about virus and other types of … Read More

What Is Cyber Exhaust? How To Reduce It?

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  Every thing that goes online, voluntarily or involuntarily, has some value and thus becomes a fair game for data mining. You wouldn’t even know, but the information about what you just shared on Facebook, or what answer you just upvoted on Quora gets stored on databases which is later used for flooding you with “things you may like.” The motive behind … Read More