United States v. Liddy

Linet Christina ThomasCase Summary

Fair trial considerations in an appeal against the conviction in a case of burglary and illegal interception

United States v. Liddy 509 F.2d 428 In the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit Case Number 73-1565 Before Chief Judge Bazelon, Circuit Judge Wright, Circuit Judge McGowan, Circuit Judge Leventhal, Circuit Judge Robinson, Circuit … Read More

How does identity theft affect your employment?

Gitanjali SadanLaw

How does identity theft affect your employment

Identity theft has become common among us and is on the rise. Identity theft occurs when an individual steals your personal information for getting benefits such as insurance and employment in your name. Hackers deceitfully access information to steal the … Read More

Hentai, Child Porn, and India

Hariom TiwariLaw

Hentai, Child Porn, and India

Should we worry about drawings? The usual way of determining whether a thing is so bad that it should be declared illegal and is of harm. If a thing harms no one, one should (ideally) not be stopped from doing … Read More

Is Hosting a Porn Website Legal in India?

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Is hosting a Porn Website Legal in India

Out of hundreds of questions that are asked to us via our Facebook Page, E-Mails,  Helpline and Website on a daily basis, the question whether hosting a porn website is legal in India has been one of the most asked questions … Read More