Ram Singh & Ors v. State of NCT of Delhi

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Ram Singh & Ors v. State of NCT of Delhi

Ram Singh & Ors v. State Of NCT Of Delhi In the Delhi High Court Crl. Rev. P. 124/2013 Before Justice G.P. Mittal Decided on Mar 7, 2013 Relevancy of the case: Whether CD is a document or not? Statutes & Provisions Involved •  The Information Technology Act, 2000 (Section 2) • The Code Of Criminal Procedure 1973 (Section 327, … Read More

Madras High Court says electronic evidence is admissible under Sec 62 without 65B certificate

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At this stage itself, I find it imperative to direct our readers to this post about Digital Evidence Law in India. Before talking about the recent order of the Madurai Bench of the High Court, we must take a look at what is the difference between primary and secondary electronic evidence. Primary Electronic Evidence, legally speaking is something a lawyer would … Read More