Is the new wallpaper that crashes Android phones a malware?

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By this time, you must have heard about this wallpaper that crashes Android phones, right? If you haven’t, join the clout. Here’s the image for you: The above image, when directly downloaded from Google Images, causes Android phones (including Google Pixel phones) to crash. What is malware? Before we go into technical details of this picture, let’s try to understand … Read More

Download Safe and avoid Ransomware

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The topic that I’m writing about today is pretty basic yet the reason for most of the incidents that happen online. “Download Safe?”, People often ask me (mock, even at times) that how can you “safely download”. There’s this wide array of posters saying download safe, stay safe. But what, really? The most you’ve got to do is type in what … Read More

Smart Watches and Heaps of Threats

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Ever fancied owning a smart-watch? Or do you own one? Well, you might get stunned after knowing that these wearable devices pose a lot of security risks. Smart watches, smart bands, and even wireless panels can set a threat to your online identity. These are the devices that gain remote access to stuff on your smartphones or computers, referred to as IoT (Internet of … Read More

Unlock your Apps with the volume button

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Who doesn’t like a new method to lock apps? Some tweaking and figiting with your phone is always fun, isn’t it? How about using a touch screen “touch” pattern (Mind you, no drawing of patterns) or a volume button combination pattern to unlock your applications? Yes, it is possible with the help of just another app. Oops AppLock is this security application … Read More

How to see who tried to open your phone?

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Your phone today is one of those things you don’t want anyone to get hold of. Your messages, pictures, call logs and so much more is stored in there. Profiling anyone socially just via their mobile phones is pretty easy today. “He has an online shopping app, has searched for all girly stuff  to gift more than just once which … Read More

Bleep: A More Secure Way to Message

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Have you ever wondered your text messages might be at risk? Text messages use server based peer-to-peer messaging technique, which means all your text messages are stored at a server’s database, which can be compromised and your identity can be leaked. Moreover, along with your identity your messages too are at risk.   According to BitTorrent, their new advent, Bleep will … Read More

5 Ways to Stay Away from Malwares on Smartphones

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A malware is some software specially designed to harm your computer or smartphone, or to get your personal information for various anti-social purposes (let’s say spying on you). It may be a virus, a spyware, worm, or a Trojan, but their sole purpose is to harm you. Nowadays, since smartphones are more in use, these malwares are aimed mostly at them. … Read More