Unlock your Apps with the volume button

Nitish ChandanCyber Security

Who doesn’t like a new method to lock apps? Some tweaking and figiting with your phone is always fun, isn’t it? How about using a touch screen “touch” pattern (Mind you, no drawing of patterns) or a volume button combination pattern to unlock your applications?

Yes, it is possible with the help of just another app. Oops AppLock is this security application that lets you lock applications on your phone and unlock them using a pattern which you press the volume buttons with. It is a free and a clever application on the Google Play Store. Why it is clever is because after installation if you try to find OopsLock on your phone, you will only have a hard time. It shows up in your appdrawer as well as in list of applications as K Note and interestingly when you open it, it just looks like a simple note taking app. Here you can set up a new password. By default you would need to press the volume up button 3 times, which will open the actual app. In some devices this support can even extend to a pattern you touch your screen with.You can manage what apps to lock or not here. Each app can be assigned a different lock.
To add to all this, you can even set a splash screen for any locked application i.e. the screen that users will be greeted with when they open that application. So, lets suppose you are using messenger, you can click a snapshot and put it as the splash screen. To somebody who doesn’t know it will look like a frozen phone while it’s your lock screen, waiting for you to enter the password.
Ofcourse it cannot be regarded as an amazingly secure solution but it is a step ahead of text based passwords and abstraction of the lock screen itself. If you are going to be using it for a long time, go gentle on the volume buttons!


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