S.R. Batliboi Co. v. Department of Income Tax (Investigation)

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S.R. Batliboi Co. v. Department of Income Tax (Investigation)

S.R. Batliboi & Co. v. Department of Income Tax (Investigation) In the Delhi High Court W.P.(C) 9479/2007 & CM 9520/2008 Before Justice Vikramajit Singh and Justice Rajiv Shakdher Decided on May 27, 2009 Relevancy of the case: Providing a password for inspection of accounts during search and seizure procedure Statutes & Provisions Involved • The Information Technology Act, 2000 (Section … Read More

Vinod Kaushik & Anr v. Madhvika Joshi & Ors

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Vinod Kaushik & Anr v. Madhvika Joshi

Vinod Kaushik & Anr v. Madhvika Joshi & Ors In the Cyber Appellate Tribunal Appeal No 2/2010 Before Justice Rajesh Tandon, Chairperson Decided on June 29, 2011 Relevancy of the case: Applicability of CPC O I R 10(4) in the proceedings before an IT Adjudicator Statutes & Provisions Involved The Information Technology Act, 2000 (Section 43, 65, 66E, 72, 85) … Read More

How to protect yourself from ransomware data loss?

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No, anti-ransomware is not going to protect you. Neither is a high end firewall, nor a sophisticated software. I know of cases of theft of data where victims have been across all possible domains. Defense personnel, Techies, Lawyers and Security Researchers are just a few out of all. The problem is that most of us are okay with being infected … Read More

Digital India Myths: Long Password = Secure Account

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Where the rest of the world is switching to two and three factor authentications, for a fact most of the Internet users in India are beginning to use passwords sanely. For security both online and offline, only password authentication is turning out to be a failure. After speaking to the masses living in the upcoming digital spaces of India and … Read More

Everyday Mistakes We Make Online

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When it comes to cyber security, attackers exploit the vulnerable areas of a target. The Cyber Blog India short listed some mistakes we make on daily basis. Downloading third-party apps:  Several people download paid apps from third-party app stores and websites. This possesses a great risk to their privacy. There might be a possibility that the app has been repackaged … Read More

Unlock your Apps with the volume button

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Who doesn’t like a new method to lock apps? Some tweaking and figiting with your phone is always fun, isn’t it? How about using a touch screen “touch” pattern (Mind you, no drawing of patterns) or a volume button combination pattern to unlock your applications? Yes, it is possible with the help of just another app. Oops AppLock is this security application … Read More

World Password Day Exclusive: Passwords Cheats

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Passwords are a very important aspect of lives of almost everyone, be it a management personnel or a class-10-girl. Though there are various alternatives like retina scan, or voice recognition, nothing is more simple and inexpensive than a string of characters. A strong password, as Microsoft defines it, has the following features: It must be more than eight characters long. It … Read More

Unlock your phone with your ear print

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Passwords are dying and it is a fact that companies and individuals are looking for alternatives. Security is one of the biggest concerns of the modern day Digital India and the world. In the midst of all this, there came the apple TouchID but it needed certain special hardware support. How about something that utilizes what is available in your … Read More

WikiLeaks Unveils Poor Password Practice From Sony Hack

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Once again, Sony Pictures is facing a security compromise, and this time it isn’t a North Korean replying to “The Interview.” WikiLeaks has uploaded over 30,000 documents and over 100,000 emails curtailing from last year’s cyber attack on Sony Pictures. It is pretty embarrassing for such a leader in the entertainment industry to not use secure password practices. In fact they … Read More

What can someone with access to your Email do?

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How hackable are you? Well the question is when will you be hacked, not if. What breach awaits you at the middle of the night, you never know. From your end however it is important you use the everyday new features like two factor authentication and more. Many web based email systems provide you with lots of cloud storage sometimes … Read More