Coronavirus: Fake News, Phishing Campaigns, Malware Attacks, and much more

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COVID-19, or Coronavirus, has brought the world community to a standstill. With any issue that creates panic among the general population, the threat of cyber crimes or cyber attacks becomes imminent. Needless to say, there are hundreds of examples showing how attackers are exploiting the situation and preying on people’s fears. With most of the employees working from home, the … Read More

Data Classification: The Remedy to Data Breaches

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Millions are spent upon setting up security tools like sandboxes and endpoint tools, but what many companies neglect is a proper classification of how the data stored within company’s databases is managed, and who has the rights to access these databases within the company. Most of the breaches happen due to poor enforcement of policies and other human errors.   … Read More

Digital India Myths: Incognito Mode

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Although you take steps to improve your privacy and security while browsing the web, it’s not possible to be totally anonymous on the Internet. Majority of the Internet users feel that using Incognito Mode or Private Browsing mode on their browser makes them anonymous. This is so not true. Even using Tor or a VPN doesn’t grant you full anonymity, … Read More

Website Compromised? Here Are Some Steps You Must Follow.

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Crores of websites in India were hacked and put down last year. Lakhs of websites are blacklisted by search engines every week. Thousands of them get permanently banned. You must have come across the warning – “This site may harm your computer.” This is what happens when a site gets blacklisted, and this affects the number of visits on the site. Thus, you … Read More

How are your Browsers exposing you to attacks?

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(1) Active X Active X is an add-on of Windows Operating System which is required by some websites to view certain elements or take actions. Criminals use Active X to create or add malicious Active X controls to web pages in order to damage computers through your browsers. (2) Java Java is Programming Language used to create apps or active … Read More

Everyday Mistakes We Make Online

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When it comes to cyber security, attackers exploit the vulnerable areas of a target. The Cyber Blog India short listed some mistakes we make on daily basis. Downloading third-party apps:  Several people download paid apps from third-party app stores and websites. This possesses a great risk to their privacy. There might be a possibility that the app has been repackaged … Read More

Replace OTPs with USB Security key

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Two factor authentication provides an extra layer of security to your account. It provides a method of combining two different kinds of login approaches to add some extra security, but that’s not enough. 2FA is stronger than password based authentication, but it is prone to phishing attacks. An account that has a very strong password, and is secured with a … Read More

Buying or Selling A Second Hand Smart Phone ? Read this.

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India is the third largest smartphone market in the world and still continues to grow every second. People change phones every 6 months. Roaming around with the latest gadget has become the new definition of “cool.” With a smartphone in every second pocket, easily available buyers and in-numerous platforms to sell, it has also become the favorite accessory to steal. … Read More

Truth behind the Battery and Chip video that’s going viral

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A video has recently gone viral about Samsung’s “secret chip” that breaches your privacy. It allegedly is stuck on the battery and it accesses your private videos and pictures and dumps them on to Samsung Servers. Preachers of this weird wild theory have also brought some other vendors into the limelight by saying that these secret chips upload the data even without … Read More

Unlock your Apps with the volume button

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Who doesn’t like a new method to lock apps? Some tweaking and figiting with your phone is always fun, isn’t it? How about using a touch screen “touch” pattern (Mind you, no drawing of patterns) or a volume button combination pattern to unlock your applications? Yes, it is possible with the help of just another app. Oops AppLock is this security application … Read More