How to secure your Snapchat account?

Vidhi JainCyber Security

How to secure your Snapchat account

In my previous articles in this series, I have discussed how to secure Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram accounts. This article will talk about various security and privacy settings on Snapchat. The platform has around 265 million daily active users worldwide. … Read More

Bleep: A More Secure Way to Message

Arpan SinhaCyber Security

Have you ever wondered your text messages might be at risk? Text messages use server based peer-to-peer messaging technique, which means all your text messages are stored at a server’s database, which can be compromised and your identity can be leaked. … Read More

Social Media : Illegality Behind Legality ?

Rachiyta JainCyber Security, Law

SOCIAL MEDIA: ILLEGALITY BEHIND LEGALITY? The present generation has accepted the ease of living through technology. Hence, the term ‘lazy’ is often used.   The truth is, installing a software is a sequence of click on the “Continue”, “I accept” and … Read More