Download Safe and avoid Ransomware

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The topic that I’m writing about today is pretty basic yet the reason for most of the incidents that happen online. “Download Safe?”, People often ask me (mock, even at times) that how can you “safely download”. There’s this wide array of posters saying download safe, stay safe. But what, really? The most you’ve got to do is type in what … Read More

Money Fraudulently taken from Bank Account- What to do?

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Statistically, plastic money frauds in India have seen troubling growth in the last decade. Headlines reporting fraudulent money withdrawals from ATM machines are an almost regular occurrence. On our helpline and from people inquisitive about the cyber law, we get to hear this question a lot. Somebody withdrew money fraudulently from my bank account through an ATM. What do I … Read More

The E-Raksha Campaign- Join Us

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It is almost going to be 10 months since our inception as an organization and through this post we are happy to share our first collaborative national campaign. Not producing a formal document, I would like to share an account of a very fruitful meeting we had with Lt. Vineet Kumar from The Cyber Peace Foundation and Mr. Vishal Kaushik … Read More

Break a number Lock

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Manual locks are considered no good today. The presence of a locksmith at every corner of the street has made the task of getting a duplicate key child’s play. In times like these all of us have shown high level of faith in the fancy number locks. Not like we believe in what fancy locks have got to offer but … Read More

Your Google Search History !

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Does deleting your browser history give you a sigh of relief? Think again. Google maintains a track of all your history since your first search.  This does make almost everybody think twice because at some point or the other we all have searched about stuff we don’t want anybody to know. With these few steps you can clear all your … Read More

5 Ways to Stay Away from Malwares on Smartphones

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A malware is some software specially designed to harm your computer or smartphone, or to get your personal information for various anti-social purposes (let’s say spying on you). It may be a virus, a spyware, worm, or a Trojan, but their sole purpose is to harm you. Nowadays, since smartphones are more in use, these malwares are aimed mostly at them. … Read More