Tirumala Devi Eada v. State of Andhra Pradesh

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Tirumala Devi Eada v State of Andhra Pradesh

Tirumala Devi Eada v. State of Andhra Pradesh (2012) 6 ALD 98 (DB) In the High Court of Andhra Pradesh WP 34683,34805/2011, 894/2012 and PIL 10/2012 Before Justice G Rohini and JusticeAshutosh Mohunta Relevancy of the case: Whether publication in official in electronic gazette is equal to publication in the official gazette? Statutes & Provisions Involved The Information Technology Act, … Read More

Are WhatsApp Group Admins liable for fake news?

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Recently, WhatsApp has been the centre of attraction of many debates in India. Some calling action from the communication platform and some seeking assistance and accountability. While the pressing reason for this remains the incidents of mob lynching and the spread of hateful/fake/inciteful images, videos, news etc. over chats, new developments are only giving birth to newer challenges for both … Read More