State of Uttarakhand v. Akhtar Ali

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Setting aside the conviction under Section 66C for identity theft in a case involving the rape of a minor

State of Uttarakhand v. Akhtar Ali In the High Court of Uttarakhand Cri. Ref. 1/2016, Cri. App. 104, 318/2016, Govt. App. 07, 08/2017 Before Justice Alok Singh and Justice Ravindra Maithani Decided on October 18, 2019 Relevancy of the Case: Setting … Read More

Legal Implications of Fake Profiles and How to spot one

Nitish ChandanCyber Security, Law

A—”Hey, how many friends have you got on Facebook?” B—”Ummm… 2000, maybe?” A—”Fakes in there?” B—”What? I don’t know, who cares?” Start caring dear friends! Numbers released from Facebook suggest that 83 million Facebook accounts are fake. “So what?” These … Read More