Cyber crime and laws in Norway: An overview

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Cyber crime and laws in Norway

This is my second article in the series covering cyber laws of various countries. Through this series, the objective is to discuss what they are doing to deal with technology-facilitated crimes. The first article covered cyber crime and laws in … Read More

A. Maruthupandian v. State

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A. Maruthupandian v. State

A. Maruthupandian v. State In the Madras High Court Crl. O.P. (MD) 13280/2014 Before Justice N. Kirubakaran Decided on August 1, 2014 Relevancy of the case: Transfer of FIR to CBCID’s special team for investigating a cyber crime Statutes & … Read More

Laddi v. State of Haryana

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Laddi v. State of Haryana

Laddi v. State of Haryana In the High Court of Punjab & Haryana CRR No. 398 of 2013 Before Paramjeet Singh, J. Decided on May 2, 2013 Relevancy of the case: Relevancy and admissibility of secondary evidence of electronic record. … Read More

Job frauds: lost money online?

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Job frauds?  You mean these days? Who falls victims to these frauds, It is so careless and stupid to fall prey to such a fraud. Well, I am not of this opinion. Fake job frauds are on the rise with … Read More