How to have safe transactions at an ATM?

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Having Safe Transactions in ATM

The advancement of technology, ease of banking and processes ranging from checking balance to transferring funds happening at the touch of a screen have driven people to go online. According to Reserve Bank of India, more than 90 percent of all reported transactions at banks between 2016 and 2017 were through the Internet in terms of volume. In 2015-16, this figure … Read More

Digital India Myths: Long Password = Secure Account

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Where the rest of the world is switching to two and three factor authentications, for a fact most of the Internet users in India are beginning to use passwords sanely. For security both online and offline, only password authentication is turning out to be a failure. After speaking to the masses living in the upcoming digital spaces of India and … Read More

Tips To Make Your Online Transactions More Secure

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  We find threats everywhere on the internet, but the most daunting ones include insecurities to your online transactions. Many criminals in the cyber world are looking to get access to your credit card details, or your net banking passwords. There are a plenty of things about which you ought to be vigilant to avoid such a mishap. Here are … Read More