These 5 bad digital habits you must avoid

Raj PagariyaCyber Security

Nobody can ignore the fact that our generation is blessed with several technical advancements. These advancements have both pros and cons of which the cons are on rapid rise. It can be easily observed that several people have bad digital habits. This includes not just students or adults but also professionals working in this sector.

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With Internet of Things in market, gadgets will soon outnumber people on Earth. As responsible netizens we must get rid of these habits to make cyber space a better place. I am sure that everyone will be able to relate to a few habits listed below. Note that these bad digital habits can easily be avoided.

  1. No data backup

Nothing in cyber space is bulletproof. Every device is vulnerable to attacks and intrusions. Your data can also be affected by hardware failures, power surge, malwares or viruses and even ransomwares. The best way to get rid of this habit is to start creating physical backups to a hard disk for all your documents. Using cloud storage to back up your data is also a good option.

  1. Addiction to Pornography

Relationship problems, depression or secrecy are a few of the issues that this habit creates. Almost 3/4th of young generation watches porn. The best way to put curtain on this habit is to make use of internet filters.

  1. Social Media Platforms

A lot of people today are addicted to social media. Although social media platforms add value to our lives, they turn out to be waste of time when used obsessively. One way to stop this bad digital habit is to download “StayFocused” app from Chrome store. It denies you access to websites which waste your time.

  1. Obsession with Online Gaming

Well, this bad habit doesn’t actually have a cure but it cannot be curtailed until and unless you don’t have self-control.

  1. Bad E-mail Etiquettes

Even if you are not an employee you can unknowingly offend someone by this digital habit. Bad e-mail etiquettes include ignoring e-mails, replying to e-mails at wrong time, requesting read receipts and many more. Always ensure that your e-mails look professional and perfect.

Technology cannot be held liable for any bad digital habit. We are on the wrong side of it. So why not get rid of these 5 bad digital habits at least?