A Detailed Guide to Deceptive Patterns (or Dark Patterns)

Adyasha SahooLaw

A Detailed Guide to Deceptive Patterns (or Dark Patterns)

Dark Patterns or Deceptive Design Patterns are certain dirty tricks websites and apps use that make consumers or users take specific actions they do not mean to. In 2010, Harry Brignull coined the term dark patterns. For example, whenever WhatsApp updates … Read More

These 5 bad digital habits you must avoid

Raj PagariyaCyber Security

Nobody can ignore the fact that our generation is blessed with several technical advancements. These advancements have both pros and cons of which the cons are on rapid rise. It can be easily observed that several people have bad digital habits. … Read More

Computer and Internet Ethics

Abhay Singh SengarCyber Security, Law


When we talk about “ethics” we refer to attitudes, values, beliefs and habits possessed by a person or a group. The sense of the word is directly related to the term “morality” as Ethics is the study of morality. Meaning … Read More