Accessing Banned Websites into Jail: Egypt and Cyber Law

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Accessing Banned Websites into Jail: Egypt & Cyber Law

Access to the Internet, some may say is totally fundamental to one’s rights as a citizen. So much so that courts across the world have begun saying this. As a global community of Internet users, we are far ahead of debates about the whole existence of the Internet and whether or not it was made for the purposes that it … Read More

All You Need To Know About Credit Card Fraud

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Do you like to shop often with your credit cards? Or do you swipe your card at fuel stations? If the answer is “yes,” then you might be prone to credit card fraud. Credit card frauds are the scams committed using others’ card in a fraudulent way. It is the case where one’s card is used without their knowledge or authorization to … Read More

What Is Cyber Exhaust? How To Reduce It?

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  Every thing that goes online, voluntarily or involuntarily, has some value and thus becomes a fair game for data mining. You wouldn’t even know, but the information about what you just shared on Facebook, or what answer you just upvoted on Quora gets stored on databases which is later used for flooding you with “things you may like.” The motive behind … Read More

Digital India Myths: Facebook

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This post is third in the series about the myths that people in India have about Computers, Mobiles, Internet and the Cyber Space. With over 120 million users on Facebook, India is surely one of the largest user base for various social media platforms. The number of Facebook users in India have doubled in just 3 years. With such mass … Read More

How are your Browsers exposing you to attacks?

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(1) Active X Active X is an add-on of Windows Operating System which is required by some websites to view certain elements or take actions. Criminals use Active X to create or add malicious Active X controls to web pages in order to damage computers through your browsers. (2) Java Java is Programming Language used to create apps or active … Read More

Prevention and Control of Cyber Terrorism

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Cyber Terrorism

Terrorism is continually changing. While at the surface, it remains “the calculated use of unlawful violence or threat of unlawful violence to inculcate fear.” In wake of the recent computer attacks, new breed of terrorism is on the rise and our country must defend itself with all possible means. Cyber Terrorism Cyber Terrorism may be defined as “the premeditated use … Read More

Everyday Mistakes We Make Online

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When it comes to cyber security, attackers exploit the vulnerable areas of a target. The Cyber Blog India short listed some mistakes we make on daily basis. Downloading third-party apps:  Several people download paid apps from third-party app stores and websites. This possesses a great risk to their privacy. There might be a possibility that the app has been repackaged … Read More

These 5 bad digital habits you must avoid

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Nobody can ignore the fact that our generation is blessed with several technical advancements. These advancements have both pros and cons of which the cons are on rapid rise. It can be easily observed that several people have bad digital habits. This includes not just students or adults but also professionals working in this sector. With Internet of Things in market, gadgets will … Read More