#OpenUp: How, when, and where?

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#OpenUp: How, when, and where?

After the global pandemic hit the world and the nationwide lockdown was imposed, everything came to a standstill. While many of us were involved in spending time with families and learning new skills, a few did not refrain from being … Read More

Abdul Hamid & Anr v. CBI

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Abdul Hamid & Anr v. CBI (2007) 3 RCR (Cri) 516 In the Punjab and Haryana High Court Cr. Misc. 77595-M/2006 Before Justice Surya Kant Decided on May 02, 2007 Relevancy of the case: Interim bail under Section 67 of … Read More

Bombay HC denies bail under Section 67A

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Bombay HC denies bail under Section 67A

It is a rare sight to see an Indian court convicting an accused under the provisions of the Information Technology Act, 2000. Earlier this year in March 2018, a Judicial Magistrate First Class Court in Purba Medinipur district, West Bengal … Read More

Obscenity & the Indian Law

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Obscenity & the Indian Law

The best way to define obscenity is actually to not define it. Not because it would be lewd, overreaching or offensive in diktat but because no one has actually done it. Obscenity changes with time, values, society, popular culture etc. … Read More

Are WhatsApp Group Admins liable for fake news?

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Recently, WhatsApp has been the centre of attraction of many debates in India. Some calling action from the communication platform and some seeking assistance and accountability. While the pressing reason for this remains the incidents of mob lynching and the … Read More

Pornography and the Indian Law

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In today’s IT era where every hand has the reach to Internet with just a single click, we all are very much vulnerable to Pornography. Porn today is more freely and widely available on Internet than ever before. Younger generation … Read More