AI Devices & Legal Issues

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AI Devices & Legal Issues

With the rapid advancements in technology, new problems and issues are arising that our IT Act and subsequent rules are unable to handle. One of such issues is AI-based devices. There are many computing devices and software which we have been using for a long time now and our law is being amended or interpreted to an extent to deal … Read More

RBI’s Circular on Unauthorized Electronic Payments in PPIs

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RBI's Circular on Unauthorized Electronic Payments in PPIs

On January 04, 2019, the RBI notified a new circular dealing[1] with limiting the liability of customers in unauthorized electronic payment transactions in PPIs (Prepaid Payment Instruments) issued by authorized non-banks. This is the third circular notified by the Reserve Bank in less than 18 months on customer liability in unauthorized transactions. It has been issued under Section 10(2) r/w … Read More

How an Internet search took a life – The Story of Wei Zexi

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How an Internet search took a life - The Story of Wei Zexi.

The biggest irony of our generation is that WhatsApp has become a verb. This quote was written by Mr Nitish Chandan, our Founder in November 2015 and we accordingly posted on Facebook here. An exactly similar statement can be made when it comes to the search-engine giant Google. As of July 2018, Google has a staggering 86.2% market share worldwide. The … Read More

Are WhatsApp Group Admins liable for fake news?

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Recently, WhatsApp has been the centre of attraction of many debates in India. Some calling action from the communication platform and some seeking assistance and accountability. While the pressing reason for this remains the incidents of mob lynching and the spread of hateful/fake/inciteful images, videos, news etc. over chats, new developments are only giving birth to newer challenges for both … Read More

Banking Ombudsman – Things You Should Know

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Banking Ombudsman is a quasi-judicial body established under the Banking Regulation Act, 1949 by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to redress the grievances of the customers regarding certain banking services. Currently, the Banking Ombudsman Scheme 2006 is in force. Why do we need a separate quasi-judicial body when we already have the RBI and the Consumer Disputes Redressal Forums? … Read More