India’s evolving data privacy jurisprudence – It’s 2019 and we’re missing the point!

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India's evolving data privacy jurisprudence - It's 2019 and we're missing the point!

Much has been said already about the recent order of the MHA under Section 69 of the IT Act notifying ten agencies to “intercept, monitor or decrypt” “information generated, transmitted, received or stored” in any computer resource. While it is controversial in the context of a feared police state of mass surveillance, the notification not only extends to intermediaries and … Read More

How to protect yourself from ransomware data loss?

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No, anti-ransomware is not going to protect you. Neither is a high end firewall, nor a sophisticated software. I know of cases of theft of data where victims have been across all possible domains. Defense personnel, Techies, Lawyers and Security Researchers are just a few out of all. The problem is that most of us are okay with being infected … Read More

Data Classification: The Remedy to Data Breaches

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Millions are spent upon setting up security tools like sandboxes and endpoint tools, but what many companies neglect is a proper classification of how the data stored within company’s databases is managed, and who has the rights to access these databases within the company. Most of the breaches happen due to poor enforcement of policies and other human errors.   … Read More