Shahjahan J. v. State of Kerala

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Bail application in a case involving trespass into the complainant's house and taking photos through the bathroom's ventilator

Shahjahan J. v. State of Kerala In the High Court of Kerala B.A. 4872/2022 Before Justice B.K. Thomas Decided on July 06, 2022 Relevancy of the Case: Bail application in a case involving trespass into the complainant’s house and taking … Read More

Cyber crime and laws in Russia: An overview

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Cyber crime and laws in Russia

Continuing with the series of articles covering cyber laws of various countries, this is our fifth article. The previous articles have covered cyber crime and laws in Nepal, Japan, New Zealand and Norway. This article presents an overview of cyber … Read More

How to Check if your Child is being Cyber Bullied?

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The use of Internet among people is increasing day by day specially, the younger generation. They are using it for just about everything (studying, shopping, banking, social interaction, finding jobs, earning money) but few use it for committing cyber crime … Read More

Legal Implications of Fake Profiles and How to spot one

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A—”Hey, how many friends have you got on Facebook?” B—”Ummm… 2000, maybe?” A—”Fakes in there?” B—”What? I don’t know, who cares?” Start caring dear friends! Numbers released from Facebook suggest that 83 million Facebook accounts are fake. “So what?” These … Read More