Oriental Bank of Commerce v. ACIT

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Oriental Bank of Commerce v. ACIT

Oriental Bank of Commerce v. ACIT 2013 SCC OnLine ITAT 2128: [2013] ITAT 3783 In the Income Tax Appellate Tribunal Delhi Bench ‘C’: New Delhi ITA No. 273/Del/2011, Assessment Year: 2006-07 Before C.M. Garg, J.M. and S.V. Mehrotra, A.M. Decided on March 15, 2013 Relevancy of the case: LAN and WAN are part of a computer network. Statutes & Provisions … Read More

Digital India Myths: Virus

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This post is the first in a series about the myths that people in India have about Computers, Mobiles, Internet and the Cyber Space. While the Digital India is supposedly growing in the metropolitan cities, the real (needs to be) Digital India is living in a disconnect and most blacked out zones of awareness. We need to progress, yes all … Read More

Protect Chrome from killing your computer’s RAM

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If you are among the geeky ones, I’m sure you’ve tried to look at the processes in the task manager that eat up your CPU and Memory. And if you haven’t it is a good trick to identify the horrid applications when your computer starts slowing down. Try killing the process that is eating up a lot of memory and it … Read More

Computer and Internet Ethics

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When we talk about “ethics” we refer to attitude, values, beliefs and habits possessed by a person or a group. The sense of the word is directly related to the term “morality” as Ethics is the study of morality. Meaning of Computer Ethics It is not a very old term. Until 1960’s there was nothing known as “computer ethics”. Walter … Read More