Decoding DeFi

Gitanjali SadanCyber Security, Law

Decoding DeFi

Can you imagine a world where loans, insurance, and every other financial service exist in a blockchain, just like cryptocurrencies? It sounds exciting and, at the same time, complicated. This is what decentralised finance (DeFi) is all about. DeFi is … Read More

How to have safe transactions at an ATM?

Sahana ChaudhuriCyber Security

Having Safe Transactions in ATM

The advancement of technology, ease of banking and processes ranging from checking balance to transferring funds happening at the touch of a screen have driven people to go online. According to Reserve Bank of India, more than 90 percent of … Read More

Watchout when Swiping Cards at POS machines

Nitish ChandanCyber Security

Financial security is a rising concern now. Credit it to the demonetization or whatever, people have become a little¬†accustomed to using mobile wallets, UPI apps and above all, swiping cards. It is intriguing to watch people at petrol pumps and … Read More