A Beginner’s Guide to Cryptography

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A Beginner's Guide to Cryptography

Cryptography has been derived from the Greek word kryptos, which means hidden. It involves converting information in a manner that it can only be read and processed by the intended receivers. Crypt means hidden and graphy means writing. One of … Read More

H.C. Pant v. Union of India

Raj PagariyaCase Summary

H.C. Pant v. Union of India In the Central Administrative Tribunal, Principal Bench at New Delhi OA Number 2397/2009 and MA Number 1612/2009 Before Justice V.K. Bali, Chairman, and Dr Ramesh Chandra Panda, Member (A) Decided on December 23, 2011 … Read More

Unlock your phone with your ear print

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Passwords are dying! Companies and individuals are now looking for alternatives. Security is one of the biggest concerns of modern-day Digital India and the world. While the Apple TouchID came about in the midst of such concerns, it needed certain … Read More