Yahoo’s New Security Feature – Yahoo or Boohoo ??

Rachiyta JainCyber Security


We all have an account on Yahoo, no matter functional or not! While everybody seemed to be making a leap in the security sector, Yahoo was sitting with hands folded, but not anymore. Yahoo has finally taken a step to improvise security features.

Gone are the days of security question. Now we are expected to remember the most complicated passwords, and not for one account but so many of them. Fed up of remembering passwords? Yes, well who isn’t? Yahoo has a solution for you. No more of thinking a shitty password and remembering it which we all know will still get hacked somehow.

Yahoo is introducing on-demand passwords, which are a waste when once used for login. These passwords are specific to your Yahoo account and come on your phone. However there is one little glitch that arises.  If you lose your phone, the person in possession has your email in their hands.
For some sets, the SMS notification of your on demand password will show up on your locked screen, so even if they don’t have your mobile passcode and do have your email id your account gets compromised. images

A better alternative is two step authentication process where a main password is followed by an on-demand password. Focusing on this aspect can be taken as a positive come back from Yahoo cause this is an area even the most technically deft are vulnerable to. This is just the first step. Yahoo is also working on building an end to end email encryption plug in which encrypts the content of the mail leaving the time stamp and subject unencrypted. This is expected before the end of 2015.