USBKill: Turn Your USB Into A “Kill Switch”

Arpan SinhaCyber Security

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USBKill is software that kills your PC (shut it down) as soon as you remove the flash drive. This software waits for a change in your USB port, and as soon as it is made, it automatically shuts down. So now don’t worry about forgetting your logged-on-computer in a public place, if you have this software enabled.


USBKill might not appeal to you now, but it is no doubt a boon for those who have to keep their work private and wish to secure their data. Don’t compare it with the “USB Killer” that explodes the computer when it is plugged into the device. Though its developer, Hephaestos (@h3phaestos) made this for criminals who want to keep their data secure from the law, it can be very helpful for us too. Using this software, you can even prevent backdoor viruses or any malware through USB. According to the developer, large corporate levels can also protect their servers from any threat through USB.


Don’t forget to use disk encryption along with this, to keep your data even more secure. You can even set up a BIOS password, and a syskey password as well. How? Click here to know.

Features of the USBKill

The following are its features according to the developer:

  • It’s compatible with Mac OS X, Windows 8, and Linux.
  • It is customizable, i.e. it executes a list of defined operations before the shutdown.
  • Low memory consumption.
  • You can whitelist a USB, which means you can have some USB ports on which this won’t work, and can keep only a few ports for USBKill.
  • On shutdown, you can even melt the program.
  • It isn’t dependent on any software or language except for Python 2/3.

You can view its details, and maybe download it later here. The software is currently under development, so you cannot download it just yet.