How to Secure Your Instagram Account

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There might be a very few Android or iOS users who haven’t ever used Instagram. It has over half a billion active users across the globe. Unfortunately, 80% of the users take the security issues related to social networking sites very casually. So here’s why you should be concerned about such risks: Avoid Getting Personal Information Stolen: Your personal information … Read More

Facebook Employees can access your account- Now?

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How do you feel about someone accessing your Facebook account without asking you for your password? Well, It is possible. Most recently through a Facebook post by  Paavo Siljamäki, director at the record label Anjunabeats, a new kind of spur was created in the Cyber Security domain and among the internet privacy supporters. Who doesn’t like privacy on these social … Read More

WiFi Security – Part II

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  After the first post, I hope you all are clear about the type of encryption you use. Here are some other very important tips to ensure your wifi security. Adopt atleast a WPA-2 encryption: When you set your wireless network chose atleast WPA-2 encryption. Reasons for the same have been explained in the previous post(Wifi Security – Part I). … Read More