Digital India Myths: Long Password = Secure Account

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Where the rest of the world is switching to two and three factor authentications, for a fact most of the Internet users in India are beginning to use passwords sanely. For security both online and offline, only password authentication is turning out to be a failure. After speaking to the masses living in the upcoming digital spaces of India and … Read More

Legal Implications of Fake Profiles and How to spot one

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“Hey, how many friends you got on Facebook?” “Umm. 2000, maybe?” “Fakes in there?” “What? I dont know, who cares?” Start caring dear friends! Numbers released from Facebook suggest that 83 million facebook accounts are fake. “So what?” These facebook accounts may be human or bots, popularly known as socialbots that keep creating fake accounts and many researcherers are on … Read More

What can someone with access to your Email do?

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How hackable are you? Well the question is when will you be hacked, not if. What breach awaits you at the middle of the night, you never know. From your end however it is important you use the everyday new features like two factor authentication and more. Many web based email systems provide you with lots of cloud storage sometimes … Read More