Facebook and Broken Promises of Data Protection

Samiksha UniyalLaw

Facebook and Broken Promises of Data Protection

Gone are the days when only currency and jewels were considered valuable assets. The 21st century is witnessing growth in the value of data. But are we concerned about the protection of our data? The deliberate answer may be ‘yes’ … Read More

Can employers collect vaccination data from their employees?

Gitanjali SadanLaw

Can employers collect vaccination data from their employees

Many offices are now opening or planning to open soon with the increasing coverage of COVID-19 vaccines. To ensure the safety of their workplaces, some employers request their employees to submit a vaccination certificate to record their vaccination status. These … Read More

Cyber crime and laws in Denmark: An overview

Vidhi JainLaw

Cyber crime and laws in Denmark

This is the sixth article in our series covering cyber laws of various countries. While the previous article presented an overview of cyber crime and laws in Russia, this article focuses on Denmark. Denmark is a Nordic country which ranks … Read More

Pegasus: the WhatsApp Spyware

Rachiyta JainCyber Security, Law

What is Pegasus? Pegasus is a type of spyware created by the NSO Group, a company based out of Israel. Like any other app, WhatsApp too had a loophole in its application which was exploited by the company by using … Read More

Proceedings of Securing Cyber Space 2018 [Event]

Raj PagariyaCyber Security, Law

We recently attended Securing Cyber Space 2018, a conference jointly organized by Policy Perspectives Foundation (PPF) and CPF on September 07, 2018, at India International Centre, New Delhi. This post presents some interesting insights gathered by us during the conference. A … Read More