Rajvinder Singh Bath v. Commissioner of Customs

Gitanjali SadanCase Summary

Admissibility of digital evidence in proceedings under the Customs Act, 1962

Rajvinder Singh Bath v. Commissioner of Customs In the Customs Excise and Service Tax Appellate Tribunal Custom Appeal 60758,60759/2019 Before Mr Ashok Jindal, Judicial Member and Mr Sanjiv Srivastava, Technical Member Decided on February 03, 2021 Relevancy of the case: … Read More

Obscenity & the Indian Law

Sahana ChaudhuriLaw

Obscenity & the Indian Law

The best way to define obscenity is actually to not define it. Not because it would be lewd, overreaching or offensive in diktat but because no one has actually done it. Obscenity changes with time, values, society, popular culture etc. … Read More