SIM Card Swapping Fraud

Srushti IyerCyber Security, Law1 Comment

SIM Card Swapping Fraud

Being a student who is currently pursuing an integrated degree in computer science and cyber law, I was very curious when I read an article in a Marathi newspaper in the last week of May. This article was printed on the first page itself, and it was in the form of an advisory issued by Pune Cyber Police who had … Read More

Warning! This is what fraudsters have been doing lately

Nitish ChandanCyber Security1 Comment

After life, the next big threat for an individual is to his money. We have seen ATM card skimming, plastic money forgery, large scale data breaches to pull out financial details, phishing and the modern (ish) phone call frauds to extract data as some of the tools to aid money laundering from users. Probably you are someone who is aware … Read More