How Private is your information?

Nitish ChandanCyber Security

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Your Social Media Analysis

We might have often heard how unsafe it is to put your private information out in the public. In Social Media, we fill in forms and such things but we never listen, do we? The images below illustrate how and what private information is shared with the world because we are oblivious to those who have access to our information. A thief may know when you left home. An old girlfriend may know the places you travelled to, and even your boss may know whether you are sick and are actually staying home. A stalker who may be a stranger to you may know more about you via your Facebook profile. Or a loner who researches your interests on Twitter very closely can easily befriend you over similar likes and dislikes. How easily would you become a victim of fraud? More importantly, what is your checklist to protect your information from such people?

Therefore, here are some things to keep in mind when disclosing your information online: 


  • When filling out any forms asking for private information, always check the authenticity of the website where you are providing your private and personal information. Ask yourself, Do you have to fill this?
  • For social media websites (There’s going to be another section in detail about it), Pause for a moment and think before sharing or uploading a post. Ask yourself: 1) what is the scope of the post? 2) Who is receiving the update? 3) Should you limit the post’s visibility? or Should you remove the check-in? Should you limit your friend list and the visibility of your name on the network?

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