We need to spread risk – Naavi on Cyber Security

Rachiyta JainCyber Security


Technology is evolving expeditiously. The technology that you bought today may seem obsolete 6 months down the line. It has become a struggle keep up with the pace of evolution even for tech enthusiasts. In an effort to keep up, we often overlook or compromise on security. This is especially common among people with little knowledge about it. We had a chance to speak to Mr. Na.Vijayashankar, better known as Naavi in the Cyber Law domain. He is the founder of one of the oldest repositories on Cyber Law, naavi.org. His thoughts on policy, cybercrime issues and matters relating to the law have been read by millions across the globe and some of his posts have been starting points for some of our posts as well.

This is what Mr. Naavi, on being asked to advise our audience, said:

We need to adopt Technology but with caution. Early adopters are at greater risk as they are exposed even to Zero Day Vulnerabilities. For technology developers and those who use technology for commercial purposes, consumer interest is always secondary to profits. We, therefore need to check through multiple sources before we trust what the technology supplier promises.

Mitigate possibility of loss arising from Cyber frauds by

a)     Spreading your risks

b)    Using as much security as you know

c)     Responding appropriately to adverse cyber incidents “

We need to spread risks by using prepaid and virtual cards of small value instead of credit cards or debit cards or UPI. Securing our devices require at the least with up-to-date malware protection. An appropriate response includes filing cyber crime complaints and legally going after intermediaries who contribute to consumer’s loss because of their negligence.

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