Job frauds: lost money online?

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Job frauds?  You mean these days? Who falls victims to these frauds, It is so careless and stupid to fall prey to such a fraud.

Well, I am not of this opinion. Fake job frauds are on the rise with every passing day because of easy information access to criminals. At that peak of frustration and agony when one does not have a job, he does fall into such traps. Something similar happened with Jyoti, a native of Jaipur who lost about 7500 INR to such an online fraud. She had registered with, a very popular job search portal.

One fine day she receives a call from a number claiming to be from Naukri and telling her that her profile had been shortlisted for a job. She was made to take an online test after a payment of Rs. 1500 via Paytm. This is a very standard modus operandi of job frauds these days. When she did not clear the test,  she asked for a refund. And as professionally as it happened, they asked her for the card details of the card she had used on Paytm to give them that money. She complied even with all her other credentials. Another 6000 INR is withdrawn, this time leaving her with no money. They ignored her thereafter leaving her no options. Ever since, she had been making cold calls to them and requesting money. Skeptical about going to the police, it is my personal claim (not a haywire figure, but a claim) that at least 70% people do not report such crime. But when they do, like an old retired teacher did from New Delhi, he was told by the police that 20,000 is a very petty loss, we are dealing with cases that involve lacs of rupees. Of course, the file is there but it is under a lot of weight. Another officer moral policed a girl in Bangalore about sharing her intimate pictures over the Internet leaving her with no choice at all. But this post is not about that.

Also read our post on What to do if money gets withdrawn from your account fraudulently. 

Anyway, Jyoti reached out to us for help. My first instinct, still as a law abiding citizen is to request her to go to the police and ask them for help. She was panicking. That money might not mean a lot to you reading this but to her it meant a lot, probably close to everything. As you read this, the police is investigating this case and they will find out the culprits hopefully.

But in this case, we took a stand. Yes, I made a call to these criminals and used all tricks in the book which of course are not something to be divulged here. But I am happy to share that whatever loss Jyoti had suffered 2 weeks ago, has been compensated and the money has been returned in totality to her. Yes, all of the 7500 and by the criminals themselves. There are so many cases like this job fraud and others that we get everyday and in so many we have the culprit’s Paytm numbers, their mobile numbers which are active but there is so little that we can do in the non-law-enforcement space. Of course, we do report it to the authorities for action and they do take action but these incidents call out for a better public-private partnership model with the state at least in the domain of reporting and solving cyber crime.

Read what Jyoti had to say

The dynamics are different, the vectors are diversified but the losses, they are abominable and awful.

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  1. I have a call through agent anika (906802233) she offer me a job of a site engineer in aditya birla group.and she tell me to deposit 1800 rs as registration fee for telephonic interview and assume me for joining in group.then i pay that amount then i clear the telephonic round then they ask me for 10200rs as bond security.which i do.but then they ask me for 20800 for accomodation security.and they was saying that if accomodation security will not be paid by me then they will cancel my joining.
    Please look over the matter.
    Contact me as soon as possible(8952825025)

    1. I got a call from saying that I have been selected .After that I didn’t reply to them and they said that I am liable of the legal charges .In a hurry and due to my foolishness I have lost a very huge amount of money.Will I be able to get that back.I am so scared now.

  2. Some 4-5 contacted me through mobile and mail ..telling that they saw my resume in and have approached me for the job in HDIL infrastructure multinational company which is actually in mumbai but they have said that my job will be in Hyderabad as that was my prefered location but in Hyderabad there is no such company(I enquired about that). They asked me to send my marksheets of my degree Nd one id proof and one photo of mine for the mail id- and then started asking for money for the forst tym they asked me to send 900/- for my certificate verification and then 5100/- for their security purpose and 4000/- for the courier service cost to send my joining letter to my address. And then 5000/- for opening my salary account (without even attending any interview) whenever I refused to pay that last 5000/- their numbers were either switched off or not attending my call. Note:1-They said whole amount was refundable. 2- I have their mails too in which they asked to send money with header HDIL infrastructure company Mumbai. 3- I lost 14000/- Their details : Sarika SR.HR +91 92051 36589 Ria SR.HR +91 85069 41902 Janvi HR – 70530 59804 +91 72918 78688 Ranjeet +91 87438 69741 This is the account details they asked me to send money through- A/C NO.4512690278, IFSC CODE- KKBK0004596, A/C HOLDER NAME-Christopher arock.(HR of the company(fraudsters actually))

      1. Dear Sir
        I was seeking a job from naukuri. i got a call on september 01st 2020 from a fraudster fake website of naukuri ho claimed to be original i.e The person who called me was from a mobile no:-07269021950 and said we will refund you for the whle amount with bonus Rs6000/- You please register in our website. When i registered he told me you enter the online banking details there will be otp come you enter the otp there will be instantly refund will coe to your account. It was 10000 in three lots a total of Rs30000/- i lost i shared the otp. it was the mistake i committed. There is help from your end i require how can we nab them and and i will get my money back. if you say i will share with you all transaction details. i stay in odisha bhubaneswar.

        1. I set up my profile with a job website two days ago and since then I am receiving calls and emails promising me job and then asking me to pay a sum like 2000 as security deposit.I am already aware so I am not responding.Sometimes they also say it is the processing charges.

  3. Hi Raj Pagariya
    Heart warning to now that Jyoti received her money back. I also have lost money very recently. I have reported to the cyber crime branch but I’m also aware that most people don’t get their money back. Is there any way in which you would be able to provide assistance on the same. I approached the local police too and they took it very lightly.

      1. I lost my 16.000 In Foreigner Job Suggestion Website I need help how can get back my money this happed with me last day

        1. Hey Vishal..can u please tell me on which website are u talking about..coz I also lost the same amount.. please I hope u understand and help me out by answering my question..

  4. Hi Raj Pagariya,
    I lost my money around 35000 same like them,they asked me pay 2900,4600,9850,19880.after my telephonic round they are not answering any of my calls…I paid through paytm and net banking .Recently I complained against them in cyber crime near my area…surprisingly they are comprimising with me to return my complaint back so that they will refund my money..but how can I trust them ..I don’t have sleepless nights with this incident ..

    I hope you will help me in my problem to get my money back

    I hope you will

  5. Hello Raj,

    I have lost Rs 75000 in last 5 days on Naukri call for the job in Tata Chemicals, Mumbai.

    I am a middle class lady and have lost all my saving under the job pressure.

    Please help me to get my money back.

  6. Hi ,I gave lost my amount of 25,100 rupees by a fraud call from Hdil company Hyderabad. I have every detail about them please help me to refund my money back.

  7. Hi raj, i had lost 90,000 rs by a fraud ramana he called with various number and said u have job offer in confimind global solutions hitech city.i attended for the interview after that manager(venkat 950XXXXXXX) said we will give some training and given one number whose name is ramana(966XXXXXXX). He called me and said to depoist 90k and given bank details of p. Madhusudhan(911XXXXXXX) andrabanka/c no: 022210100058068 ammerpet.i had depoisted 50k after that i had given 2 accounts shaik anwar and raja mahendra reddy(15000)995XXXXXXX. When i went to confimind company manager s saying its fake offer letter we didnt send u. But after attending the interview only i paid to dem. Now manager is also not responding. Raja is talking very vulgarily towards me he s using bad words to me and saying nobody cant do dem even if we go to police also they r saying we know madhapur si they cant do me anything. Joshua reddy(9398961325)Please help me by getting money from four people. They had money and saying we wont give whatever u can do do it police cant do anything to dem like that they are torturing me sir.i m from poor family help me to get my money sir from them sir

  8. As I have suffered any person named Mohit. Ayesha and Neha from naukri .com
    They told me they will give me job
    They take from me amounts in three time ist registration fee 2500
    Bound agreement 10500
    For other details 5000
    But now they are not giving me any response
    Plzzz help me sir.
    My no 914XXXXXXX

  9. I applied online through Quikr for a job at Canada and paid through net banking. Now all the lines are not reachable, email and WhatsApp are blocked

  10. I got a message saying i got shortlisted for a position in HDIL and at frst they asked for my certificates later they said that i will receive a call from the hr and i got a call from the fake hr and she did a telephonic interview and she informed me that i will receive a call tommorow for document verification . And i received a call later she asked me to deposit an amount of 940 . I did just to see where this will lead me to after i paid the amount she informed me that tommorow ill be getting the confirmation male and youll be joining the job the next day i got the mail and she called me and asked that u got the mail? U read what wa ls mentioned ? I said yes so later she came to the point saying that u have to pay 8100 as security amount which expected her to say . I asked her the reason why i had to pay she said incase if u dont attend the interview again i said ill attend the interview and ill pay the money at the time of interview itself . So she was like only 2 vacancy is left and its a mnc company and shit i knew what the ending will be . SO MY POINT IS PLEASE PEOPLE STAY AWAY FROM SUCH FRAUDS THEY ARE TARGETTING YOUNG PASSOUTS WHO ARE IN SEEK OF JOBS . I REQUEST THE CYBER CRIME DEPATTMENT TO TAKE CARE OF SUCH FRAUDS
    Riya rawat -+917065526614
    Mahi gupta-+917065768892
    Ajeeth sakya-+918744844641
    These are the phone number from which they contacted me as a HR
    KOTAK BANK, A/C NO-9613335066, IFSC CODE-KKBK0004596, A/C HOLDER NAME- mohammed shaheed, paid-940KOTAK BANK, A/C NO-9713387460, IFSC CODE-KKBK0004596, A/C HOLDER NAME- KOLA RAMBABU ,paid-8100
    These are the account numbers they provided . Please take of these fraudents

  11. Good Work & Information ….Cyber Blog Team …
    सिधि सी बात है , रुपया देकर कभी नौकरी नही मिलती , Online Jobs वेबसाइट रेजिस्ट्रेशन, resume बिल्डिंग के लिए मिनिमम charges लेती है , वो भी Payment Gateway के जरिये, कभी भी किसी पर्सनल बैंक एकाउंट में किसी भी बात के लिए रुपये जमा नही करवाये।

  12. Hi Sir someone stole my debit card nd withdrawn an amount of 8000 from it can u please hlp me in getting my money back to my account

  13. iam saiganesh living in Chennai ,i got the hdil job call telephonic interview on 3.1.2019 after then they ask me to pay security amount
    security- 8100
    bank -10000
    after paid all there number are switched off and they keep on asking for money after i refuse they said your money will repaid after 45 days.

    this is there account details
    DBS BANK, A/C NO-881028417835, IFSC Code-DBSS0IN0811, A/C HOLDER NAME – GAYATHRI K

    i will forward emails what they send
    please stop them many innocent people will die by them,call me anytime for information and support ,jai hind.
    i can’t do anything even i went police station.
    Please don’t pay money for jobs .

  14. I got a call from 08826565781 in the name of “Riya Reddy”, saying that they will provide me a job in HDIL company Hyderabad. Yesterday they conducted a telephonic interview and asked me to send all my documents.
    Today they called me and saying me that I have selected for job and 28000 salary. Finally she asked me deposit Rs.950 in “DBS BANK, A/C NO-881029846993, IFSC Code-DBSS0IN 0811, A/C HOLDER NAME -ARVAPALLI HEMANTH SATYA.”
    I got doubt and I called HDIL COMPANY HYDERABAD and explained them everything. They finally concluded IT IS A FAKE CALL. I have also checked in internet about this. There are so many people are complaining about this issue. PLEASE action on these type of people. They are mainly targeting the unemployed people. And so many people even commiting suicides on believe these type of people.

    Thank you

  15. On 9th Feb 2019, I got a call from whose name Ankit Varma. He said if I pay Rs.2500 then they give a job in Phillips company. If I am selected in first interview round then they refund my money in my 1st salary else I will not select then they give me back money within 15 min. I gave an interview and I am selected. The next day I received mail that includes I am selected in the first round now I have to pay Rs. 9500 in which Rs6000 is refundable and this money is for my legal verification. Then I said no because I don’t want to pay Rs.9500. So he said ok no problem we will refund your Rs.2500. After 2 hours I got a text message that the legal team comes to my home and I have to pay Rs. 30541. Then I called to Ankit Varma for that and he said if you pay Rs. 9500 right now then no one will go there and my legal process will stop. And I paid Rs. 9500 on 12th Feb. 2019 this is also refundable within 24 hours. But still, they are not giving my money back. Please help me with that because my family members don’t know about this fraud. I have all call recording, Emails, Call history, Payment details as proof. Please give me any suggestion about how do I get my money back?

  16. Hello,
    My friend applied for a data entry job with a company called Magnum Technologies, the deal was for filling up 700 forms in 7 days they will pay around 10k. They asked for his address proof and adhaar card, and enrolled him with a warning that there shouldnt be multiple logins or he will have to face penalty but the penalty amount was mentioned nowhere.
    He didnt do multiple logins and the account got blocked by itself nd now they are asking him to pay 8k as ‘server maintainance charge’ if not they will take legal action and send him a notice. After going through a lot of websites i found a number of people having the same problem without doing multiple logins. And now they are threatening to pay the amount. He is a student and wont be able to pay that much amount. Please suggest what to do and what not do. Will be very thankful for any suggestions.

    1. Hi Shreya

      Multiple cases like these have been reported to us. The fraudsters are merely threatening in the name of legal action to extract more and more money from the victim or exploit as much as possible.

      Ask your friend to not to worry and report this incident at the nearest cyber cell.

      Thank you.

  17. Hello,

    I got call from and they asking for me about which kind of job I am looking for and after knowing everything from me they ask me that they have internel links with other mnc’s and I have to register first with 4k amount and they will initiate with my process after that but they start making me pay money for every step one by one and I got myself trapped and I lost my 50k in this and now their website showing block not accessible.
    Please do needful I have their invoice slips which they send me on my mail.
    Please I want my money back please help.

  18. Some frauds called me saying that we are from we shortlisted your resume for some technical job in airport . This is urgent requirement so if you want to register for this pay 2000 now itself. This ammount is refundable ,if you don’t get this job we will refund that ammount. Then I paid 2000 for their account number then they did some fake interview and they issued some fake appointment letter. After issuing they again called me by saying to pay 7890 for the cousiling fee. But I refused to pay this ammount. After that I asked for my 2000 refund but now they are not responding . Ignoring my call I didn’t get my money till now. Please report this following numbers and bank account. So that they can’t do this to other. I will mention their number and bank details bellow.
    Indeed Account no-6262500100365901
    IFSC code-KARB0000626
    A/C holder- Ms.NEELAM

    1. I get call from n say to paid 800 rs for registration fees but after payment they never call me nor pickup my call …. I give u some details about them ….plzzz report this following number and details …
      Paytm and Bank Account Details:
      Paytm Details: – 9992833123
      Phone Pay Details: 9992833123
      Google Pay Details: 9992833123
      Bank Account Details:
      Bank Name : State Bank Of India
      A/c Holder : Skyya
      A/c No. : 38194539684
      IFSC Code : SBIN0004306
      A/c Type : Current Account

  19. Hi,please help me out,I got a call from sarika in truecaller it was showing as and asked my qualification etc details and she said that they are having openings for HCL company asked me to pay 1750 rs for registration fees after that they sent me reference id and some interview questions but after payment they never call me nor pickuping my call…Please help me this out and can i get my amount back????????
    Bank Account Details:

    ACCOUNT No -: 3230146XXXX
    Bank Name-: SBI BANK

  20. Hello Sir,

    I have been receiving calls that my profile was selected for an interview at Infosys. My first call was from Riya from Naukri (9654750068). She convinced me that it isn’t some agency and I could trust her because she is from Naukri. She said she could schedule a telephonic interview and I would have to go to Infosys for my HR round. She told I need to send a security amount of Rs 2000 for proceeding further. They said they would accept payment through Google pay, Phonepe, Paytm. This amount would be refunded even if I get placed or not. I paid the amount and I was told to make note of this unique code – INDB0309N.COM and was told to send scanned copies of aadhar card, tenth marklist, inter marklist, btech marklist and Provisional certificate and passport size photos to this email id – They said Vivek was my personal assistance manager. I was then contacted by Vivek from Naukri (9540012485). They told me that I had to pay 4720 for documents verification at this upi id – 9045890319@ybl. I sent 4735 by mistake, so they said that wouldn’t be processed. I need to send exact amount of 4720 to continue. So I sent the amount again. I was also contacted by Aisha from Naukri (7464938217) who said she was the HR and I could contact her for any queries.

    When I checked that Naukri doesn’t take money from people, I asked them and they said they were not Naukri they were Naukri-India which is a third party service provider for Naukri. I didn’t take the interview and asked for a refund. I was contacted by Sachin Sharma(8447017307) and Durgesh Maheshwari(8447341897). They explained that the refund process was through some server gateway. That server would be connected only for 180 sec. I need to perform a transaction of high amount through google pay to this number – 8923913685 and an account no with IFSC code – IPOS0000001 and the previous money including this money would be refunded immediately. When I start asking questions, they just pressurize saying only 180 sec time is running up. When I don’t get the refund, they say that it was because I crossed the time and I had to do it again if I have any intention to get my money back. They finally took a total amount of Rs 65460 from me. When I started shouting they transferred my call to Abhishek Dutta(8447017307), he said it was a technical glitch and was asking me to transfer the 15000 again to get the refund.

    I am still getting call from Saurav chauhan (9540012485) from Naukri asking me to pay 18000 to get the whole refund. I don’t know if all these people are together in this, but they made a fool of me and stole my hard earned money. I am literally in need of money. I am also worried what they would do with my scanned copies of documents. I request you to please help me here

    1. Hi

      Cases like these are quite prevalent and we have been receiving dozens of job fraud cases every day. The only recourse is to file a complaint with the cyber crime police station.
      I would recommend you to visit the cyber crime police station/cell in your city/district with all the relevant information.

      Feel free to write to us at for any questions or queries.

      Thank you,
      Raj Pagariya

  21. Hai, this is Revathy, I lost 2500 recently yesterday for job offer from career solutions, after completing first round online test, now to proceed further second round they asked to pay 7500, so I refused to pay, I asked my 2500 refund, but they not attending my call now today, kindly pls help me out. their mail id, then mobile no is 8860387443.

    1. Hi Revathy

      This is a typical job fraud case wherein the fraudsters misrepresent themselves as genuine recruiters. In cases like this, the only recourse available is to file a complaint at the local cyber police station. You can write to us at for more information.

      Raj Pagariya

  22. hello. raj.
    even i got a call and same story through about the job and stuff and they took almost 26,499. 1st they asked 1500 for some registeration and again 3999 for some confirmation and again 8000 for telephonic conversation and finally 18000 for the interview round.
    please help me with this. there were 2 people involved 1st a girl names shivani with no. 8377906993 and then a man named gopal with no. 7835907318.
    now both the number are switched off and my parents are blaming me for the same.
    please help me out please.

  23. Hai Raj Pagariya
    I lost Rs.13,000 today from fake naukri web site they asked me to pay 10,500 as training fee & 2,500 as subscription fee for one of the company after the telephonic interview.I have shared all the details to your email id please help me out with this.

      1. Dear Raj,

        This is Sravani, I have a call through agent Goutham (7081288052) he offer me a job of a accountant in Axis Bank and he tell me to deposit 1250₹ as registration fee for telephonic interview then i pay that amount then i clear the telephonic round then they ask me for 5200₹ as documentation verification security…which i do and then they send me the mail that we will give some training and given one number whose name is Suresh(9559257057)…Suresh called me and said to depoist 9700₹ for accomodation security and they was saying that if accomodation security will not be paid by me then they will cancel my joining I have not paid and said cancel my application & refund back my amount now there not answering to my calls..Total amount I paid 6450/₹ on 2nd of June 2020 Please help me with that because my family members don’t know about this fraud. I have all call Emails, Call history, Payment details as proof. I gave you some details about them..plzz report this following numbers and details..

        Mobile Numbers:

        Goutham – 7081288052
        Suresh – 9559257057

        Bank details of Naukri.Com

        Account Name – Naukri.Com
        Account Number – 917081288052
        IFSC – PYTM0123456

        Please help me out and can i get my amount back??

  24. Sir
    my name is neetu.
    a online typing job company is synthacorp networks is stack me a agreement of 4880. i am read the document but not understand. i will submit the document and and photo and signed the document online 11 may 2020 but night i will read and understand the document and i refused the agreement. i am not login its website and donot use password but he demand me registration fee. otherwise he will court case against me. can it possible he will court case against me. please help me i am so much tense

  25. I found your article very informative and you had great use of facts throughout the article. I totally loved the concepts explained in this blog post.

  26. I have a call through agent Manoj Gupta (8811824453) he offer me a job of a site engineer in Godre group.and He tell me to deposit 21000 rs as registration fee for telephonic interview and assume me for joining in group.then i pay that amount then i clear the telephonic round then they ask me for 10200 rs as bond security.which i do.but then they ask me for 14000 for accomodation security.and they was saying that if accomodation security will not be paid by me then they will cancel my joining & Coudnot Gived any Refund Payment
    Please look over the matter.
    Contact me as soon as possible

    1. Hi

      In cases like this, the chances of recovery are substantially low. I would recommend that you should report the incident immediately at the local cyber police station in your city or district.

      Raj Pagariya

    1. I went through this document here, but I do not believe that Section 43 r/w 66 of the Information Technology Act, 2000 would be appropriate in cases of online job frauds. Section 66C and 66D appear to be more relevant.

      Would like to know your thoughts on this!


  27. I received call from a number that your resume has been selected for job application and you are offered to work with reliance jio as part time home based data data entry job she asked me to send passport size photo and 10th marksheet and adhar card I send all the documents and than she told me to tranfer 999 refundable amount to the account
    Official Bank Account details
    Name :- NaukriindiaDotcom
    Account No:- 917055422634
    IFSC Code:-PYTM0123456
    Account type :- current
    And I transferred 999 than se told me that you will have a telephonic interview and than we will inform you .I received call from number +917535966343 and she asked me that I am forwarding your call to hr of reliance jio for interview the interview went well and I got selected so she asked me to pay 3500 for document verification fees and when I paid that amount she told me the address of company and other details will be mailed today to you .
    I recieved first call on 13/06/20 and yesterday also when I asked for something to confirm that I have paid you the money she send me a kind of bill from what’s app number
    9675911879 and when I saw the bil I came to know that Naukri doesn’t ask for money and it was fake.
    In all I have send them 4499 rupees which was hard earned by my father
    I am really worried and tensed ????
    Please help me ??

  28. Dear friends,

    Plz check this once..(all this happen in between 14 July to 17 july2020)

    Some fraud people are: pihu sharma(call herself jio hr-9911769379), shivani sharma(call herself, Taniya (jio trainer of ajmair region-9871041649), Sonu kumar these are the information of these fraud people. And now i gave you the account details in which the people gave them money for this job

    Name: Sonu kumar

    A/c no.: 532202010010043

    Ifsc: UBIN0553221

    Unionl bank of india

    And all three phone no. Stilll running on whatsapp n calling.

    Now currently fraud happened

  29. Hi sir,

    I have applied on quiker for job…on 05-08-20 i have received call from 7873454053 regarding job and to pay nominal amount of rs.49/- via wats up no.8534936054 they share link when I open link dashboard clearly mention Rs.49/- I have selected internet banking for same transaction and put OTP received on my mobile immediately i received message that all my bank balance i.e. Rs.9116/- is debited from account. I come to know it is fraud happen with me. Sir please help me out .

    1. Hi

      I think you should have received a response from the team on the same day.

      Raj Pagariya

  30. I have a call through Quickr Job agent Krunal Tripathi (Ph Nmbr -9522706510) he offer me a job of duty doctor in Columbia Asia hospital and he told me to deposit 3500₹ as registration fees then asked money for verification 7500₹ then took telephonic interview after that asked 30500 ₹ for insurance then for security 20000₹ then 25000₹ for PRN and 20500₹ to activate some Bank account later 30500₹ for some senior HR comission …Intotal I paid 191089₹ till now he told it will be refunded soon and had send the mail in which it is mentioned that amount will be refunded soon later he asked me to pay 45000₹ to activate some id then only amount will be refunded when i refused they cut the call ..Please look over the matter ..

    1. Hi

      I think we have recently receiver a similar case where a victim was promised a job at the same hospital. Please file a complaint immediately at the nearest cyber crime police station.

      If you need any assistance, feel free to write to us at

      Raj Pagariya

  31. Yesterday around 1:20pm in the afternoon I have a call through Shine. Com agent Neha ( Contact number 74043 79608) she offered me a job duty HR/ Admin in Fortis Hospital hospital and she told me to deposit 2500₹ as registration fees then she send me a registration form through my what’s app from the number 85128 53493 then she transfer my call to a person called Rajiv Dixit. Through on call he asked money for verification 6500₹ then took telephonic interview after that asked 15600 ₹ for insurance then for security then I told I can’t pay more please refund my all the previous money back. Then he told me to open my google pay and instruct me to do a little bit process to get my refund but it’s not work I didn’t get my refund rather they took my another 18000₹ . After that I started to talk very softly start crying then they asked for the GST amount for the refund process which is 4600₹ I paid that also. After that they asked another 8500₹ for another registration fees and told me to send the details of my bank account like account number and IFSC code and picture of my adhaar card and pan card. I gave everything to them. Then they told me within today’s banking hours or tomorrow morning you will get ur all the money as refund. But still today I’m not getting my money back. I’m belongs to a very middle class family. I’m a single mother and I’ve a 6yrs old baby. I don’t know how can I run my family now. Please can you help me to get back my money from them. Please please please please sir do the needful for this kind of fraud people.

  32. Sir I’ve with me all the mails and all the documents of the online transaction. If is needed for the case I can provide u. But please sir do something so that I can get my refund from them.. Please Sir otherwise me with my daughter we will be finished here with food and other necessary things.

  33. Yesterday around 1:20pm I have a call through Shine. Com Job agent Neha (contact number- 74043 79608) she offer me a job of duty HR/Admin in Fortis hospital and she told me to deposit 2500₹ as registration fees oncall I transfer the money through google pay then she send me a registration form in my what’s app from the number 85128 53493. Then she transfer my call to Rajiv Dixit, then he took a telephonic interview and asked money for verification 6500₹ then again he took telephonic interview after that asked 15600 ₹ for insurance then I said can’t pay more please refund my previous money back. Then he started gave me instruction for refund through google pay. But it’s not work rather the took my another 18000₹ from me. Then I started to cry and demanding my money back so they asked me for another 4860₹ for GST. Then they asked me for my account details like account number and IFSC code and my adhaar card number and pan card number. I gave everything to then through mail. Then again they asked for 8500₹ for some senior HR comission …Intotal I paid 40,360₹ after that they told me they will refund my money within the banking hours but still today they didn’t..Please look over the matter .. I’ve all the transaction details with me if you need I can send it to you. Please look over this matter and do the needful so that I can back my money from them.

    1. Hello, if you don’t mind me asking, did you get any help from his team? I was scammed the same and I don’t know what to do right now. I have filed a complaint in cyber cell and also talked with the bank. Please tell me if you got any help. I lost a huge amount of hard earned money and it’s difficult to sleep at night thinking of it.

  34. I received a call from Ankith thivari where he told me that he is a recruiter from He told me that he has opening in Accenture, Wipro. IBM and KPMG. I choose KPMG and as a security deposit they asked me to pay Rs.3500 and later arranged telephonic interview he asked to pay Rs. 8500 as a security deposit to arrange the call. Again he asked me to pay Rs.15800 for document verification charges and send me the QR code and i also made payment. Later he said job is confirmed and asked me to pay 25,500 as security deposite for verifying document. But i refuse to pay 25500 since i dont have even a rupee. Totally i have paid 27800. Please refund the amount. Am from orthodx family. Please help me get through this issue. Take severe action against them please.
    I got call from number: 9654264556 (Ankith thivari) 9899800252 (Karthik reddy)
    Email id:
    I have all call recording and picture of the payment made to them. I have enclosed all documents belows please have a look and do the need full at earliest.

  35. I wanted a job so I applied for job online on, I gave my email id and phone no. and resume. Next day I received messages from saying you have got a job in HDFC bank then they told to pay 2100 after I paid I received another call from a person named Rahul Pandey(9953022470) & Riya from they said to pay me 8500/- rs more. I paid them 2nd day on phone pay, then he said you will receive call at evening time and when I tried to reach them, their phone was unreachable and they are not answering my calls. Please look into my matter as soon as possible cuz I am a student and 11000 means a lot to me.

  36. Hlw sir
    I make my account on for job I applied for indigo airlines requirement for airticiking ground staff vacancy next day I receive phone call from Pooja mam she said to pay 1500 for registration and send me a test link after that she call me and add call with hr and he said to pay 5500 for verification I can’t pay him and I contact to other person who call me same job I ask him about payment he said don’t pay in direct account paid from razorpay he gave me link I blindly trust him because he say company refund my amount then after this one person call me and say your amount 6600 credited in company now pay 11000 for dress or other facility I can’t pay him and say to refund my amount then he say pay 2000 because company paid 21 %gst and your all amount be refunded I can’t pay him and file complaint in razorpay support system then they replied me that their team can’t deducted amount from his account because not enough money in his account and company say that frauder not responding to mails what should I do sir i am very tenssed please help me

      1. Hi
        I got a call from regarding job in indigo airlines company for Bangalore location
        They first asked me to pay 1500 for registration fee then interview conducted for HR 5600 then again asked offer letter modification agai pay for me medical testing this time is pandamic situation company not allowed any person pay me 12600 again asking 22600 but I’m paying amount 4600 total amount is 24400 this month trying start but still switched off please refund the amount I’m loos the amount kindly necessary for this amount is any possibility for one month Whatsapp num-8860547728 . Urgent Hiring For Finance & Accountant Officer,Are You Interested Please Call HR Arun Thomas-8409394994
        sent via
        Account detail IDBI BANK NAME-INDEED JOBS A/C NO -1627104000033974, IFSC CODE -IBKL0001627

  37. Even I lost big amount 2 years, but that’s effect is still on, on my family like a atom bomb on hiroshima. I complained everywhere. No use

  38. Hi Team,
    I got a call from naukri regarding job in TCS company for Bangalore location. They firstly asked me to pay 2400 for the telephonic round and then interview was conducted by HR in telephone and was selected. The next day i got a call and mail that i was selected in the TCS company and pdf attached that we are taking you into the company.Then they asked me to pay 6400 for documents verification having trust on naukri i just paid them without other thought.I got a offer letter the next day and they called me said that within 5-7 working days i will be getting offer letter from the company TCS directly and asked me to pay 15990 for security bond for 6 months i paid and sent the screenshot in the mail. Please help me to find out whether it is fake or real i was too much worried as i paid 25000 for them.Please help meeeee.I have all the proofs in mail regarding job offer with the screenshot i paid the money.Please find the below attached files for reference.

    I have sent the money to the below account:

    Bank Name – IDBI Bank
    Account Names – Bali
    Account Number – 0200104000323789
    IFSC Code – IBKL0000200

    I got mails from naukri recruit

  39. Dear Sir, 

    It is to inform you that yesterday dated 30/10/2020 some unknown person fraud me and stolen total amount of Rs. 14999/- from my saving account
    The detailed matter is that i had got a call yesterday 2-3 times from some unknown person mobile number +916390084275 mentioning me that she is from job portal and informing me that i am selected and can apply for three jobs in Lucknow and got interviewed by these recruiters. And for this due to covid 19 employer are not entertaining any interview without a unique reference number for which I have to register at their other web and pay Rs. 10/- for generating unique reference number for my city. Then she text me a website address to fill a form to register myself and then select the option to pay Rs. 10/- fee for getting a unique reference number. In the payment option I have choosen to pay via net banking method, after selecting my bank and entering canara bank login details to receive the otp to transfer the said amount. As I entered the otp payment failed. After that I have called her again to informing that payment becoming failed due to network problem, so i will do it later when I will be free, then she suggested me to talk to her senior officer to get help to deposit the said fee of Rs 10/- easily. The senior officer told me his name Sandeep and asked me to try again the same steps after login. This time payment failed again and again two times. I said to him that Sir I can’t do that payment right now, I will do it later once I become in good internet coverage range and then disconnect the call. 
    After one hour I though to transfer some amount to one of my coworker via google pay app, as I started to pay him, app informed me that i have insufficient balance, then I checked my account bank statement via candi app at my mobile, I was shocked after seeing that at that time when I was trying to pay that fee someone added Rs. 10000/- and Rs. 4999/- total of Rs. 14999/- to their paytm wallet. The time mentioned in the statement was same when I was got call from them and starting to pay the fee.
    After that I have checked my paytm wallet too to confirm if it is done my me or some mistake and I found that no any record was there in my paytm app related to these transactions. 
    So I called her to ask her if it is done by them, this time her Senior officer pickup the call and told me yes sir it is done by their side due to some kind of server problem. So I requested to return my total money back into my bank account then he refused to pay and told me to wait for 24 hrs and provide him another account number to back the amount because that amount cant be refunded back into my account from which the payment was deducted. Now I understand that they have done fraud with me and I asked him that I never given my any account details or otp to them then how they transfer the fund. Then he again suggested me that was due to server fault. Finally I warned him to give my money back into my account within one hour otherwise I will lodge a complaint in Police and in my bank and then disconnected the call. I have recorded all the communication during this call into my mobile phone as a proof of internet fraud. 
    In the evening I have called Canara bank customer care to lodge my complaint related to this matter, so they accepted and accordingly blocked my account to save further any transactions and suggested me that complaint is registered and same is transferred to your bank branch, and they also suggested me to submit an FIR in my nearest police station for this matter and then submit the FIR copy to the bank branch in order to unblock your account again and for further investigation. 
    In the night I have lodged a complaint online at cyber cell website mentioning the whole matter in detail. I need your kind attention and support for further investigation to recover back my loss.

    Thank you. 

  40. I have a call through agent somya (7379503437) she offer me a job of a siteengineer in panasonic company in quality profile.and she tell me to deposit 1200 rs as registration fee for telephonic interview and assume me for joining in group.then i pay that amount then i clear the telephonic round then they ask me for 7500rs as document varification saying that if varification security will not be paid by me then they will cancel my joining. And they say your amount is refundable .
    Please look over the matter.

  41. Mam/sir,
    I have a call from Ishani Singh from indigo airlines for the job of ticketing executive.she asked 2500 Rs for reference I’d before the telephonic interview.i have paid for my career.but.after I have attended my interview I didn’t receive any email,phone calls or msg.i have called many more reply..I have lost my father last week.and also IAM a handicap.please me to recover my money..

  42. One lady called me and asked me to work graphic designing and digital marketing for her company Gogettersgurukul. She sent me a message on whatsapp in august 2020. I worked for her remotely and she payed me for August and september . In november she started dilly dallying the payment for october. Then i stopped working for her in mid november. But she has still not payed for october and half of november giving various reasons. Now she blocked my number and disappeared.These kinds of frauds have become common in Covid times because everything is online now.

  43. Hello,
    I got a call from naukri regarding job in Wipro company. They firstly asked me to pay 2500 as registration, then 8800 as training security deposit and then interview was conducted by HR in telephone and was selected. The next day I got a call and mail that I was selected in Wipro company and letter of intent attached. Then they asked me to pay 28500 as bond money for 5 yrs and having trust on naukri I paid them without any other thought. Then they asked me to pay 18500 as courier charge for training material, I paid and sent the screenshot in the mail. Then they asked me to pay 36100 as HR Commission which made me skeptical, but I still paid it. I also have provided them with personal documents. I got all the mails from naukri services job provider and naukri teams job provider. I have all the proofs in mail regarding job offer with the screenshot I paid the money.Please find the below attached files for reference.

    I have sent the money to the below accounts:

    Bank Name – IDFC Bank
    Account Number – 10063248934
    IFSC Code – IDFB0060741

    Bank Name – DBS Bank
    Account number – 881033662428
    IFSC Code – DBSS0IN0811

  44. Dear sir,
    due to financial issues i thought of part time job so i got call from it is from zest sollutions they told i have not pay any investment then in behalf of me they signed the agreement 7 days i should fill 700 forms if i am not completed i should pay 6500 i agreed i got accident in between that so i m not able to complete the job i paid 6500 they call me several times so i paid now they are telling i should pay 65000 security deposits otherwise my parents will get arrest i m soo afraid please do some thing my parents should not suffer any thing please help and if any chances is there to refund the 6500 please reply me
    phone number of company is 09724474891 one lady calling me and threating like hell please help me

  45. Hi Raj Pagariya, garu it happened in 2020 November I’m below poverty people sir pls help me
    I lost my money around 10.000/- same like them,they asked me pay 1500. ,8500 after my telephonic round they are not answering any of my calls…I paid through net banking .Recently I complained against them in cyber crime near my area…surprisingly they are comprimising with me to return my complaint back so that they will refund my money..but how can I trust them ..I don’t have sleepless nights with this incident ..

    I hope you will help me sir

  46. Kind attn: Mr.Raj Pagariya.,

    Dear Sirs,

    I was defrauded by 2599.00 + 7199.00 by one Avinash for getting a job in JK tyres through

    I had registered in Naukri for a job after my retirement.
    A girl called me and told that some Senior post is available and I have to access Link2

    I was asked to fill in some details and pay 2599.00 towards registering.
    The site name is and it looks professional.

    Later one Avinash called me and told that you are shortlisted for the job and your certificates copies have to be sent. I sent that and he told me to pay 7199.00 for verifying and I paid that through my debit card. I thought that the same may be genuine since the interview to be conducted online and video conferencing.

    Again they asked for some 14999.00 and I smelled that it is fraud. He had told me that 7199.00 is refundable after 15 days on 29th Jan, but till now I have to get it back.

    Now he is telling me that he will refund 7199.00 only after 25th February due to some auditing problem, but I do not believe him.

    Avinash Number is 9711649136 and the girl’s number is 9711689149 and the whole transfer happened during January 16th.
    Both these amounts debited on the same day through the debit card and the payment portal in their site

    Kindly help me in getting back my amounts fast from these fraudsters. The mail chain from him is above .

    With best Regards,

  47. Respected sir,
    Today I received a call from so-called, asking me to pay 1500/- as a security amount to be eligible for an interview and asked me for my personal id,photo,mark-sheets on whatsapp. I sent them all those details including my aadhaar card photo and then again she asked me to pay the fees. I refused to pay the fees and then she said that my file has been sent to the legal team and I have to pay 10,438/- in the court(didn’t mentioned which) unless legal action will be taken against me in 7 days and some legal expert will visit my house. Then I googled and found that this is just a fraud so didn’t paid that amount and then I received a call from a lawyer asking me to pay or action will be taken.

    I haven’t paid anything to them yet but they have my aadhaar card image (coloured) so will they be able to cause any harm to me (financially or mentally) and also what about the legal action ?

    Please provide me suitable guidance and Thank you as your previous replies saved my money.

    Thank you Sir.

  48. I was contacted by Nikita (ph no: 8376991791) and told I had an online interview from 5.30 to 6 pm. Had got 2500 rupees or one-year of job assistance from She arranged an interview for me. A person named Abhishek Malhotra (ph no: 8307876617) told me he is HR of L& T Bangalore and took my interview for 30 mins.
    I think it is a fraud call.

    Kindly help me out track them if they are fraud


  49. do froud with me I’m sunil and I get calls from from payal Sharma
    +91 95408 05279
    She say you will get job in HDFC Bank and I get many calls from banks
    Sr.HR sandeep +919540954691
    Kuldeep Mishra +918377870933
    Sr.HR sandeep +918585928360
    Ashish Rawat hdfc bank manajir +919540849027
    Google pay account number 9643986854
    CEO central executive officer +919821875414
    They give me fraud joining letter and fake agreement bond
    I gave laptop security 14500
    Bond agreement 15500
    Credit Card 10500
    Interview fees 2500
    Total fraud 43000
    Please help me

  50. Hai ,

    I am SHALINI ,I received a call from 8826510960 & 8860330871
    They asked to pay rs.10 as registration fee and process it
    But they have taken rs.19,999
    To refund the amount they again asked to enter the code number and again rs.19,999 gone for second time
    For money why the are playing with others poverty

    Kindly help me to solve this problem & waiting with hope

  51. I have lost my Rs. 1,22,500 to a Fake Naukri gang between ( 04/03/2021 to 05/03/2021). They called me that I can apply for Hyundai motors. Starting from Rs. 1,500 for registration to the telephonic interview, I have paid a huge sum of Rs. 1,22,500. They have collected these amounts in a step by step manner for various processes. (1500, 5000, 9000, 11000, 15000, 22000, 27000 and 32000). I have attended telephonic interview from Hyundai motors through Naukri. They asked me to get ready for face to face interview on 06/03/2021. But, they have not called. When I called them. Their phone was in switched off. I have tried them on 12/03/2020. They attended my call and told me that they will refund my money within 72 hours (15/03/2021). But, when I called today, once again their phone was out of network area/switched off.

    I know I am a fool to lose such a huge amount. But, it’s a lady who called me. I have considered her as my elder sister. But, she used my faith for her own benefit. Now, I am helpless. I was shattered. I was unable to move from this situation.
    Kindly help me to handle this situation.

  52. Hi, I have lost Rs,.82754 in online EshopJob company. In their account money is already stuck not allow me to withdraw. I try to connect their customer service they are not responding. Before doing this job they make us belief in this. And also working for 2 days nothing happen. But on 3rd day they leveling up my account I couldn’t handle for their task they make high money so couldn’t do. Please help me and I want my money back.

  53. I had lost my money upto 45000 in reliance jio sms service data entry job website I have if I asked to refund my money back they are asking to pay tax of30 percent of this amount please help me sir

  54. Hello, I have lost my Rs.3090 in do froud. I get message and email from from Abhishek Singh HR Department. Number- 8810705895
    He say you will get job in Comsoft Infosys. And ask for Rs.2060 security deposit. They gave me a project and again ask Rs.1030 as shifting charge to another project.
    He ask me for screen shot of payment and email.He makes me believe that they will refund my all money but when I’m asking them they are not responding.
    They also have my bank account details photo of Pan Card, Driving Licence,. Aadhar.
    Please help sir.

  55. Hi, I have seen a post on Facebook for Part time online data entry job and they asked to contact on WhatsApp for details. I have contacted them. Asked me to transfer Rs.80 for Registration and they gave one project for data entry. I have completed within deadline and sent to them. They asked me to pay Rs.1000 for ECS charges to pay salary for first project. I paid then they are not responding. I have done the research on their face book accounts and found they have many Facebook accounts along with below Phone numbers and account details,

    I don’t want others to be cheated. Please let me know other steps.

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