ATM Fraud- 5 things a victim should do!

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atm fraud, bank fraud, online fraud

Search analysis reveals that the number of people searching for ATM Fraud is the highest in India all across the globe. Even our Electronic Banking Frauds in India report suggests how the humongous growth in ATM frauds have led to disruption in the banking sector which no agency is proactively addressing. Age old modus operandi and tactics are now being used in India to defraud innocent and cyber-unaware citizens of the country. 

atm fraud, bank fraud, online fraud

ATM Fraud – What should you do?

As a group of self-driven cyber-activists, we have helped thousands of victims till date and also been able to secure relief for many of them. This post is a follow up of our earlier post on Money Fraudulently Withdrawn and goes into the things that you must do as a victim of an ATM Fraud. Please note that this post is not legal advice and hence should not be construed in the same sense. Without clogging your screens any more, here is the list of 5 things that you should do:

  1. Block your card: As basic as this may sound, many users do not block their cards right away when they lose money in an ATM fraud. Please be advised that most of these fraudulent withdrawals happen at odd hours in the night when you are asleep and unavailable to check your messages. One proactive step that you could take is to use cards that offer a facility for switching your card on/off for transactions. 
  2. Collect data about all fraud transactions: Add up all the money that has been withdrawn from the transaction reference numbers and locations of ATMs and keep this as documented information. You may find this info on your net banking/m-banking account if you have them activated. In all other cases, you will need to obtain this from the bank through a passbook update/account statement. 
  3. Report to your bank: Yes, you must report to your bank before reporting to the police. Now, many banks have a dedicated dispute form for reporting cases. However, in practice, we have observed that an application worded to suit legal requirements of reporting serves better and the probability of relief increases. You can get in touch with us for the application process. Attach all your documentation with the application and submit to the bank. But please make sure to take a written receiving from the bank for your application with the authorized personnel’s signature and bank’s stamp. 
  4. Report to your local police station: No, you do not need to go to the cyber cell for reporting these cases. If any responding officer does not entertain your complaint and register the FIR, you can get in touch with us. Reporting an ATM fraud, as little the amount as it may be, is very crucial in order to suggest proactive policy measures to tackle this growing problem. So, it is our humble request to you to kindly take out some time and register the FIR. 
  5. Follow up: Your first follow up should be with the bank in about 10 days. After a lapse of 90 days, however, you can give an application to the RBI Ombudsman near you about the dispute. There are other methods to get relief after this which falls outside the scope of this post but we will be happy to answer your queries if you have them.

In case you have been a victim of an ATM Fraud and are worried, do not panic. Read this post and take the necessary steps. 

PS: We are not a law enforcement agency. None of our posts constitutes legal advice. 

25 Comments on “ATM Fraud- 5 things a victim should do!”

  1. On 12th March 2018 Sumone withdrew cash Rs 2000 from my Kotak Mahindra Savings Bank Account # 1111468116.

    1. With the appropriate legal procedure, recovery is possible when there has been no negligence on the part of a customer. In cases where OTP is shared by the customer under the impression that the caller is genuine, the chances of recovery depend on a number of factors.

  2. Online Shopping Fraudster
    Manoj Kumar Devisetty
    State bank of India

    WhatsApp No. ‪+1 (580) 263-7799‬

    The Person(Manoj Kumar Devisetty) has published ads for selling electronic products and camera for cheaper price from USA. He claims he has a firm and sends the product from USA.

    Modus Operandi starts chatting on watsapp(from +1 (580) 263-7799‬) once you have shown interest to buy the product he has published in various sites. Initially he will ask you do a partial payment so that he can do the shipment. Once you have made the payment he will go and tell I checked with my CEO and you need to pay some more amount and send your passport photo so that he can make the Custom badge.

    My request to you please(2) don’t fall for this online fraudster and loose your money. The above account is his account never transfer any money to his account.

  3. I’m Dr.Manoj Chandra working as a neurosurgeon in yashoda hospital Secunderabad,got affected because of an online fraud of 42000rs. The concerned person with an USA phone number +1 (914)999-7508 cheated me by telling that he will send me the package to my address.i trusted him and done 6000rs frst as a down payment to a local bank account in India with name Devisetty Manoj kumar SBI account and khaidm Rahul singh.He sent me a receipt of the package as proof which mentioned the due amount to be payed and the information regarding the package.He asked me to send the remaining amount to release the payment from USA courier facility.I have send him 6000INR to the account SBI.After that he said my package needs customs clearance from USA for which I transferred 15000 INR.Then again in INDIA 15000INR for customs clearance.Now again he asks me for 25000 for the customs clearance..He also has sent me An OTP through VM INDMRT and asked me to say the OTP through WhatsApp call.I refused and called up my bank about the fraud.tgey asked me to contact cyber Wing..I mailed the same detail to them..I have all the receipts he sent to me,invoice from SCHENKER COURIER LOGISTICS WITH ME…

  4. Sir l, I am a victim of ATM fraud case, I do all the necessary things like block my card, collect all the data. But when I went at the nearest police station which is Shakarpur, Laxmi Nagar Delhi police station none of the officer was ready to take my complaint.when I told them that the fraud transactions became from two location they were referring me for the other location. and when I insist they just,”Go and file a online FIR”.

  5. Dear Sir / Ma’am ,

    Need you help to find out the fraud as some unauthorised transaction without a pin was done as I lost 10000 today from the same AtM where I have withdrawn 1000 only.
    There is only of 7 seconds difference of 1 and 2nd transactions . Though have raised complaint to Bank also and blocked my debit card.
    Pls help to advise the further process to be followed from my side.

  6. Dear Sir,

    I need your help, some one withdraw cash Rs 50000 from my account.
    bank name : Kotak Mahindra, barakhamba road, connaught place, new delhi.
    my Savings Bank Account no.503010509941.
    i immediately block my card & inform to the bank through customer care.
    please suggest now what to do.

    vipin kheriwal

  7. Hello sir,
    Today an amount of 30000 was withdrawn from my card, but the card was with me. I have no internet banking too. I have no idea how to get it back. I am from Bangalore but the transaction was done from an ATM in nellore(ap).. kindly help.

  8. First of all, the bank administration of India should have to understand about the intricacies while buying an ATM machine or we can get manufactured. Few frauds and attacks can be ignored but it is happening on wider basis and can be considered as major flaws in security system. Any immediate action should be taken.

  9. Dear sir, a sum of Rs 1 lakh five hundred debited in my sister’s acct by changing of SBI ATM card during Axis bank ATM at Gursahaiganj , Kannauj (UP) on 31 May 19. Rs 40 thousands cash , 40 thousands tfr to another SBI acct and 20500/- rifling fuel. An FIR lodge by police on next day ie 01 Jun 19, and also intimated in written to SBI Kannauj which my account held. But there is no anything action taken by against froad person till date. Neither CCTV footage collect by police. Please suggest me. I also checked cctv footage at fuel rifling , i also seen the unknown individual who have changed ATM card of my sister. But police not yet arrested till dt

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