How can we improve the queer cyber experience?

Pragya AgrawalCyber Security, Law

How can we improve the queer cyber experience?

In April 2022, we organised our first online conference on “Abuse and Harassment in the Cyber Space: Beyond the Perceptions of Main Stream.” This conference included 12 Instagram Live sessions, and two panel discussions broadcasted live on YouTube. Since then, … Read More

Snow v. DirecTV, Inc.

Khilansha MukhijaCase Summary

Does the Storage Communications Act offer protection to a publicly available website?

Snow v. DirecTV, Inc. 450 F.3d 1314 In the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit Case Number 05-13687 Before Circuit Judge Carnes, Circuit Judge Wilson, and Circuit Judge Pryor Decided on June 01, 2006 Relevancy of the … Read More