Pegasus: the WhatsApp Spyware

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What is Pegasus? Pegasus is a type of spyware created by the NSO Group, a company based out of Israel. Like any other app, WhatsApp too had a loophole in its application which was exploited by the company by using this spyware. A missed call to the phone was enough to embed the malware into a victim’s device. Pegasus was … Read More

Download Safe and avoid Ransomware

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The topic that I’m writing about today is pretty basic yet the reason for most of the incidents that happen online. “Download Safe?”, People often ask me (mock, even at times) that how can you “safely download”. There’s this wide array of posters saying download safe, stay safe. But what, really? The most you’ve got to do is type in what … Read More

5 Ways to Stay Away from Malwares on Smartphones

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A malware is some software specially designed to harm your computer or smartphone, or to get your personal information for various anti-social purposes (let’s say spying on you). It may be a virus, a spyware, worm, or a Trojan, but their sole purpose is to harm you. Nowadays, since smartphones are more in use, these malwares are aimed mostly at them. … Read More