Does the Internet defy territorial borders?

Keerthi KasturiLaw

Does the Internet defy territorial borders in cyber space

Cyber space may appear to be the epitome of deterritorialisation at work. It is a virtual environment that is based on the ubiquity principle. It appears everywhere and anywhere, and you cannot contain it. Given that human activity is now … Read More

An Insight Into Digital Realpolitik

Saishya DuggalCyber Security

The best way to understand cyberpolitik is by evaluating the events that have underscored its importance: Stuxnet and beyond.

The word realpolitik often generates esoteric, perplexing worries in the mind of the average Joe, conjuring up images of an elaborate congress and combative political discourse. It’s me: I’m this average Joe. A little research, however, reveals a painfully less … Read More