Does the Internet defy territorial borders?

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Does the Internet defy territorial borders in cyber space

Cyber space may appear to be the epitome of deterritorialisation at work. It is a virtual environment that is based on the ubiquity principle. It appears everywhere and anywhere, and you cannot contain it. Given that human activity is now … Read More

Sirangi Shoba v. Sirangi Muralidhar Rao

The Cyber Blog IndiaCase Summary

Using video conferencing for cross-examination of the husband in a divorce proceeding

Sirangi Shoba v. Sirangi Murlidhar Rao AIR 2017 Hyd 88 : (2017) 5 ALT 475 : (2018) 2 ALD 557 In the High Court of Hyderabad Civil Revision Petition 337/2016 Before Justice B. Siva Sankara Rai Decided on October 19, … Read More