India’s Stance on Software Royalties

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India's Stance on Software Royalties

A royalty is a sum of money legally required to be paid to a person or business in exchange for the continued use of their assets, such as franchises, natural resources, and works protected by copyright. Musicians get paid royalties … Read More

DCIT v. HP Services (Singapore) Pvt. Ltd.

Rugved MahamuniCase Summary

Taxation of payments made by Indian companies for software services to a foreign company

DCIT v. HP Services (Singapore) Pvt. Ltd. In the Income Tax Appellate Tribunal ITA 3209-3210/Del/2018 Before Mr R.K. Panda, Administrative Member, and Mr NK Choudhry, Judicial Member Decided on March 31, 2022 Relevancy of the case: Taxation of payments made … Read More