Text Hundred India Pvt. Ld. v. CIT

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Text Hundred India Pvt. Ld. v. CIT

Text Hundred India Pvt. Ld. v. CIT In the Income Tax Appellate Tribunal ITA No. 2095 to 2098/Del/2014 and ITA No. 2849 to 2851 & 2852/Del/2014 Before Mr H.S. Sidhu, J.M. and Mr Prashant Maharishi, A.M. Decided on July 31, 2017 Relevancy of the case: Admissibility of electronic record. Statutes & Provisions Involved The Information Technology Act, 2000 (Section 4) … Read More

What can someone with access to your Email do?

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How hackable are you? Well the question is when will you be hacked, not if. What breach awaits you at the middle of the night, you never know. From your end however it is important you use the everyday new features like two factor authentication and more. Many web based email systems provide you with lots of cloud storage sometimes … Read More